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Naxos or Samos ?

Naxos or Samos ?

Posted by: Riadhou on Sep 7, 17 at 11:44pm

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Tagged: Greece

For 10 days in august 2018 i hesitate between naxos and samos.

I would like to stay along the waterfront where i can find myself just watching the world go by for a couple of hours!

I like beaches but just chilling out. I want a bit of nightlife too, not discos or clubs just lively tavernas ,bars..with tradionnal greek music /0r local festivities / intetnational festivals , have a stroll in laid back sreets ,visiting beautiful villages,amasing landscapes.

When I read in the forum that Naxos is known by its beautiful beaches and that Samos ,Paros (which I have already visited), and Tinos for example , for their very beautiful villages,im it discourages me a bit to spend all my holidays in Naxos, because for me, the beautiful beaches remain in second place; I prefer to discover during my stay very beautiful villages and come back to visit the ones that attract me most.

If Naxos has also some mountain villages but not as beautiful and picturesque as in Samos,Paros orTinos for example , this can not encourage me to spend the whole of my stay in Naxos !

Any info would really help.

Thank you in advance


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