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Naxos or Paros?

I know that this has been posted on time and time again, but looking for advice. There are two of us in our early 40s. We will be in Greece for about a week in early May- likely 7 nights, maybe 8. We are coming from the middle east so it's an easy flight to Athens, and we plan to go over a long weekend sometime, so we are focusing on the islands, which are more trouble to get to from where we're currently based.

We have our first three nights booked in Oia and would like the next 4 to be in either Paros or Naxos. We want to do some wandering, light hikes, maybe rent a car to venture out, wineries if possible. We'll probably do a day trip to the other island.

Of the two, which would you recommend? Good food/ restaurants is a must (they don't need to be fancy), as well as a nice home base to explore. Leaning towards Naxos but open to suggestions. Thanks!

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You can't go wrong with either one. If you choose Paros you can take your rental car on the shuttle boat that departs from Pounta (on the west end of the island) across to Antiparos to enjoy a stroll through the village, and you can drive up to the cavern for a safe and interesting look underground.

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I can’t speak to Paros but we’ve been to Santorini and Naxos. We spent 6n on Naxos and felt like we had the “real Greek experience.” Naxos lends itself to exploring the villages, hiking, excellent cuisine, & attractions in Naxos Town! Our favorite restaurant is Nostimon Hellas. Our favorite village is Apeiranthos. The marble village is truly the jewel of Naxos. It has retained it’s authenticity. A wonderful way to spend a few hours walking, and enjoying the great cuisine. villages.

We chose to use Naxos excellent bus service to see the island. If we would have had more time we would have added a few days to Paros. Next time!!

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We did Naxos after Santorini and we loved it!!!! Stayed at Plaka beach. Rented a car 1 day to explore the island. Relaxed on the beach. Good food, good vibe, yes we really liked Naxos. We heard, from couple on their honeymoon who did Paros and Naxos, that Paros was wonderful too.

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You can flip a coin and whichever one wins will be a delight. There are lots of Naxos lovers and Paros lovers however few would suggest there is anything wrong with their second choice.
We love Naxos we like Paros. We always try to get back to Naxos on every trip to Greece. It is special to us.

Here is why.
Naxos town
Trip around Naxos
Naxos sunsets
Naxos 2017

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Christine, great choice. Have to say that when we were planning our stay in Naxos, it was stanbr’s photos & recommendations that sealed the deal for us! We were there in 2017. It was great to go back & review the photos. Brings back fond memories of a special place!