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Naxos or Nafplio or both?

Greetings folks. Trying to decide between Naxos and/or Nafplio for my Greece vacation this October.
Will spend 9 days in Crete, then 5 in Santorini. I then have 6 days to fill in before 4 nights in Athens and then flying home back to the US. Originally was going to spend the whole time in Naxos, but now reading that things start to slow down considerably there by the middle of October. Thanks.

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Staying 6 days in Nafplio is too many days in my opinion

2 or 3 nights maximum is enough, After seeing Nafplio itself, Mycenae and Epidaurus you will have to find something else to do or see.. With a car there are quite a few options available in the Peloponnese.

So either you find something to occupy these 3 days in the Peloponnese or you split these 6 additional days between Naxos and Nafplio

That being said, even if it seems that the route Crete → Santorini → Naxos → Athens is now the one that the majority choose, Naxos is 1 island among the 200 visitable islands in Greece, and there are about 20 other islands to discover only in the Cyclades.

The tourist season now ends around mid-October but you will still find accommodation and restaurants open. Life does not stop on the islands when the majority of tourists have returned home.

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It looks like you may enjoy slow travel like I do.

Short answer - you could do either fine. But I might split your days between Nafplio and an island (as JoLui says, Naxos seems to be a popular choice here).

You didn’t ask, but if it were me, I would steal a night from Santorini to make that 4 nights, and then split 7 nights between the two - depending on your interest priorities.

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Take at least one day, two would be better, from Santorini and give to Napflion and Naxos or Paros.

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I would reduce the number of nights in Santorini and pick one location for the rest.

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades and there is plenty to keep you occupied. We spent 9 days there and could have stayed longer.

However since you'll already have been to two islands the mainland would be a different experience.

Nafplio is a great option. We spent 9 days there and there is more than enough to do as it's perfect to explore the Argolis area and beyond.

Check out the best website for Nafplio and you'll endless things to keep you occupied especially if you rent a car:

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Thanks to all for your replies. I am exploring all suggestions and hope to finalize all travel plans soon.

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Stick with your plan as-is and split those 6 days between Naxos and Paros. You'll get plenty of city energy with 4 nights in Athens.