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Naxos or home?

I doubt anyone can really help me make up my mind on this, but I'm hoping some of my friends on this forum can offer a perspective that will help me decide.

I depart October 1 for Rome, where I am spending eleven nights. This is completely on my own. On October 13 I fly to Athens to do this OAT tour, including the pre-trip extension to Crete, and then Northern Greece, Albania, and North Macedonia. The tour ends in Skopje on November 3.

I'm trying to decide whether to extend my time in Europe with a 4- or 5-night stay on Naxos. Or should I just head home?


  • I'm already there. It's a short hop from Skopje to Athens and then from Athens to Naxos.
  • It's off season, so it will be quiet and less crowded than in high season. My research suggests that Naxos is great to visit in November.
  • This will be my first time in Greece. And Naxos sounds awesome!


  • The only flight departs Skopje at 4:45 am.
  • It's off season, so many things will be closed.

Are there other Pluses or Minuses I'm not considering? Is it worth adding time to my trip to do this?

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We enjoyed Naxos and I would say do it! But it also depends on how you think you will feel at that point. I can happily travel for about 3-4 weeks until I'm ready to be home. Others I know are ready after a week or 10 days.

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There would have to be an amazing reason for me to take a 4:45 AM flight as I would consider it pure torture. A few days of rest on an island after a month of travel would not be it. You can rest anywhere. But being me, I'd be ready to head home at that point to sleep in my own bed! But, you do you. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

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Just a quick update: I decided to go for it. "I'm already there" was too big a reason to go than the 4:45 am flight was a reason not to. And the off-season points cancel each other out.

I booked four nights at this apartment on

It's a three-bedroom apartment, way too big for just me, but the photos are amazing and the reviews are some of the best I've seen on I looked at the Coronis (thanks stanbr for the recommendation), which would have been cheaper, and it looked good, but the reviews were less enthusiastic.

Thanks to all for your feedback.