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Naxos Lodging for sept

Hi everyone, i have been revewing/searching places to stay that are two bedrooms based on locations suggested by others. I tried to stay under $2500 for 6 nights and someplace with a view if possible.

Was hoping you could take a quick look at these and if you have any insight that would be great. Like not a good area or great area. Pros and cons etc mainly on location. Thanks for your help.

Option 1 in Orkos – Villas Maria

Option 2 – Villa Agellos - ORKOS

On hill can’t walk to town
70 meters above sea level
170 Meters from sea

Option 3 - in Naxos town no beach view

Option 4
St-George Beach, Chora (main town) - I am confirming this.....
View mainly from rooftop

Option 5– Villas Sissy -– think this is near the town. emailed for more information

Option 6 - - Psilotero Villa
Kapares area of picturesque Agia Anna

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About options 1 and 2

I know this area of ​​Naxos. I had accommodations a little further south there for the past 5 years, but not in high season. It's certainly quieter than the Agios Georgios area where everyone wants to gather (I don't know why!)

Option 1 Villa Maria
You can also find it at

Option 2 Villa Agellos
Even if the overall rating is acceptable, there are some negative reviews that would prevent me from choosing this accommodation.
In addition, it is 70 m above sea level and even if the wind is omnipresent in Naxos (the Meltemi which blows in the summer in the Cyclades) it may be more exposed to the wind.
In case of strong wind, you will not even be able to stay on the terrace.

If I had the choice between these two options I would take the first without hesitation.
But of course there are all the other options you mention that I don't have an opinion on.

If you continue further south from Mikri Vigla towards Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Glifada, you will have a wilder environment with large sandy beaches, mostly unorganized. You may be able to find other accommodation in the same style (look on google maps) But be aware that you will need a car

At Pyrgaki Beach there is a small traditional beachside tavern Ταβερνα Κοτακη (Kotaki Tavern) which I highly recommend. Two elderly ladies are the owners, one does the cooking, the other the service.

In the village of Kastraki, on the main road that goes to Chora there is also an excellent restaurant "Apolafsi Restaurant" which I also recommend (in high season it is better to book).

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Thanks Julio - do you think orkos is too far from things?

i am removing option 2

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By the way, your option 5 "Villa Sissy" is not in Naxos, but in Corfu.

About option 1 Villa Maria

It depends on what you put in the term "things". it looks good. It has a well-equipped kitchen, and even a washing machine. It is in the North of Orkos Just next to Plaka beach which is a large semi-organized beach, in Orkos there are a few bars, one or two restaurants, maybe a minimarket to do some shopping. I don't know if you would like it. If you are looking for entertainment, want to go shopping, you will have to take the car.

Option 6 Villa Psilotero is close to Agia Anna beach (to the north). Which I also know, this beach is actually an alignment of shops, restaurants and bars. Very touristy, not my cup of tea, but maybe yours.
Just to the south is Maragkas beach which is also more or less organized with bars and restaurants.

This villa has only 4 reviews, the most recent of which is 4 years old. (I always eliminate this kind of offer, but I may be wrong)

Anyway, on the west coast of Naxos the further south you go, the quieter it will be.

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I see you couldn't resist the sirens call of Agios Georgios and its surroundings... lol

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I found it interesting that the IPHIMEDEIA NAXOS HOTEL hotel web site did not provide the exact location of the property. There is a place that says, see the location, but its not a hyperlink.
The images of the hotel are great which tells me it is a new build with modern amenities. That also tells me that the hotel is not in a prime location as the good spots have been developed years ago.

I did find the hotel on booking dot com. There is a map there. This hotel is built on the other side of the main road among farmers fields. While St George beach does extend all the way over this far, the beach has no services this far out. The closest organized beach access is at Flisvos surf club.

If a get away from everything is a priority it should work for you.

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Thanks so much. I think we are not going with that one.

HERE is WHERE we are this morning:

Waiting on feedback from this

wiating for reply from as they have a family apartment at the beach side and then another one at the apartment side.

Option 1 in Orkos Villas Maria (further away from towns per TA - someone else liked it)

Option 3 -iMy Island Residence in Naxos town no beach view

Option 4: St-George Beach, Chora (main town)

Option 6 Psilotero Villa (persunandbeach seems further away from village)
Kapares area of picturesque Agia Anna – but

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Have you looked at Hotel Kymata. Its about 75 meters from St George beach but the top floor has a 180 view of the sea and all the way down to the ferry port in Naxos town. That top floor has 2 two bedroom apartments and a large balcony.

St George is part of Naxos town so you get a beach vacation with all the activities of town just a 10 minutes stroll around the seafront headland.
I think St George gives a first time visitor the optimal opportunity to explore Naxos.

Here are some Naxos photos.
Naxos town
Trip around Naxos
Naxos sunsets
Naxos 2017

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We did look at that one they are sold out for our turn on the quad rooms. :-(

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I noticed that you often look at accommodations on TripAdvisor.

Why don't you use Booking, Google Maps or the Naxos website? (

You would see more accommodations

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Hey Jouli actually i do plot them all in google. (meaning when I narrow htem down). Or on i use the map for my favorites. was there something I was way off?

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I was just wondering because I only saw Tripadvisor links.

I don't know if you do it this way, but
On Google Maps if you zoom in enough you will see accommodations that are sometimes not on TripAdvisor, Booking or elsewhere. By clicking on it you will sometimes see the website of this accommodation.

Street View is often not available in the Cyclades, however, as I think you know, if you click on the Street View icon you will have access to some photos (represented by blue dots on the map)

An interesting thing with these photos is not only the photo itself, but also the date it was taken (which is indicated)

For example, you see in the Gallery section of a beach hotel website, a well-organized beach with deckchairs, a bar and lots of happy tourists.
If you look at the photos on Google Maps, sometimes you will see that the same place, photographed in June, is completely deserted, there is no deckchair, the bar is closed etc etc.

It can completely change your opinion about this place