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Naxos in Oct. Day trips via ferry?

We were thinking of staying on Naxos for 5- 7 days 1st part of Oct. and using it as a home base to do day trips to other close islands. I have been told that the ferry schedules are very limited that time of year and not a good idea.
Any info would would be very much appreciated.


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There is plenty to do on Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades Islands. I was there for 8 days early October and stayed busy hiking, walking, exploring, taking the bus to various villages, eating, drinking, just a bit of beach time. I did the Delos/Mykonos cruise which took up most of a day. There is also the day cruise to Santorini but it would be a very long day, more time on the ferry than on the island. Those day cruises could be limited or shut down in Oct. depending on weather and number of passengers.

There are the Small Cyclades Islands that you can get to from Naxos which are relatively close, but ferry service may be limited for them that time of year.

it would be better to spend your time on the island, one of Greece's best all-around islands that has something for everyone.

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In case of limited schedules, you might consider shortening your stay on Naxos and spend 2 or 3 nights on another island. Possibly nearby Amorgos — we loved staying in Katapola, at the Porto Katapola hotel. Or Paros — or even Antiparos. All are easily accessible via ferry from Naxos.

Actually staying on an island, rather than daytripping, gives you the opportunity to see it in the quiet of early morning, and in the evenings — two of my favorite times on Greek islands.