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Naxos Hotel - June 2-6

Hi, my husband and I are in our early thirties and coming to Naxos for 4 nights in June. I think St George’s Beach seems super convenient for us (hopefully ok to go there without kids?). I’m finding the hotel selection to be confusing. Our budget is ~$100 a night, would be great to spend less but want to make sure we are getting a good place. Also we would love the room to have a sea view. On the forum I’ve read about Diogenis/Sigma, Studios Naxos, Hotel Palatia, Villa Naxia, Studio Kalergis, and Xenia Hotel.

Any thoughts on these? Studios Naxos and Diogenis are cheaper but not sure if these hotels are definitely less nice than others. Is Villa Naxia too far away from the town and the action as it looks further on the map? Studio Kalergis is more money than the others, is that needed? Am I missing a great hotel?


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LC, I stayed on the top floor of Santa Katerina Apartments near St. Geirge’s Beach, lovely, plenty of space, a relaxing outdoor patio with table and chairs, great non-touristy location, very help owner/host, good prices. Check it out on

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You'd be lucky if you got Villa Naxia .... in recent years it's been solidly booked months ahead. Decor-wise, it's probably a bit upscale; doesn't seem lately to be on any online booking agencies, doesnt' need to. Yes it's a few hundred yards farther on, but hey! You are in your early 30s, c'mon. Studios Kalergis is my next choice, because ALL rooms have balconies directly facing water, and it's directly ON the sand. Hotel Palatia is a few yards off the beach, I think all rooms are balconied, top floor would have best view. Diogenis right ON the sand, has a cafe, lively. Sigma is only 15 yards off the sand, but u would have to know which rooms, some h ave no view. Studios Naxos is my budget gem, only 8 rooms, 2 in front have sea view, 2 on the side partial sea view. Don't know Xenia.

Incidentally "studio" usually means unit contains kitchenette or kitchen-ell, so u can make your own breakfasts. I believe Villa Naxia has kitchen-ell, but also has optional breakfasts ... the others, you make your own or go out. Even rooms w.o. kitchens all have fridges, usually also hotplate or coffeemaker. BTW, it is good to know that all of these lodgings are in the island tradition of smallish family-owned/run places... 8-20 rooms max. No big lobbies or uniformed staff, but friendly helpful owners, very relaxing ambience -- plain decor, pine furniture, crisp white sheets, breezy french doors to your balcony or patio table. Affordable, lovable ... my Studios Naxos owner meets me at the ferry dock with her car & a big hug. Can't put a price on that!

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Thank you! I had emailed Villa Naxia earlier this week, so I quickly replied this morning to say I wanted to book. Hope it works out.

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LC, I hope you are saying that Villa Naxia already had responded saying there was space for your dates -- and all you have to do is confirm! Lucky you.

However, if you had e-mailed once with no response, don't wait until y ou hear from Villa Naxia before you try others on the list. Here's why: Most island hotels are family-run, not a big staff. The desk person has to take care of check-in & check-out and guest services, dealing with maintenance, BESIDES responding to phone queries, updating vacancy lists from online agency reports, AND (last of all) e-mails. The desk person will of course open up e-mails and -- if they have vacant rooms they want to rent, at your requested dates, he/she will quickly hit "reply." But, if the place is fully booked for your dates, answering your query with "sorry full" is lower priority. If a hotel is listed with an online agency, availability is shown instantly, but if a place has to handle all inquiries in-house, procrastination can happen.

For best results, booking late (1-2 months before trip), I advise 2-part strategy:
(1) -- immediately look at the others on the list.... and if there's one you like, book it! Not at the lowest non-refundable rate shown on agency websites, but at the slightly higher rate which says, no advance payment, free cancellation until (date about 2-3 weeks before your stay). Thus it is NO-RISK to book a back-up, if Villa Naxia is still #1 choice.
(2) Europeans know what to do if they want a quick answer: they phone. Why? Because a busy desk person can ignore an e-mail, but not a ringing phone! if no word from Villa Naxia, pick up your phone and CALL. Make your call between 9 - 11 GREEK time... because it's check-out time, and someone with fluent English will be at the desk for sure.

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I stayed at Hotel Grotta on Naxos, and would certainly recommend it, however I suspect the rates may be higher than US$100 per night. I can't remember what I paid? The hotel was very comfortable, the staff were great and they served a nice breakfast. It's in a very convenient location, and easy walking distance to lots of restaurants along the waterfront.

If you haven't travelled in Greece before, you'll have to get used to the "bathroom etiquette", which is a bit different than other places in Europe.