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Naxos - Athens Flights vs Ferries

Early planning for a May/early June 2024 trip to Greece, first spending time in the islands. Will want to get back to Athens in late May. I'm debating flying, but it appears that Aegean Airlines/Olympic do not operate flights between Naxos to Athens during the months of April & May (maybe not until later June). Can anyone confirm, there fly seasonally only between late June and March every year? That would leave me with the ferry -- which can work (I was looking at the 40 minute flight vs. 3+ hour ferry).

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Looking at arrivals May 29 (the earliest I could go backwards), Olympic and Sky Express had a combined 6 flights going from Naxos to Athens. Guessing it's too early to find 2024 flights.

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There are flights all year round between Naxos and Athens. It's way too early to have the May-June 2024 Aegean/Olympic & Sky Express schedules. Wait for October/December 2023.

In the meantime, subscribe to the Aegean newsletter, they regularly publish occasional promotional offers which may be interesting.
I got around 40% off this year waiting for March for flights in June (I admit it was a bit risky)

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Thanks Leonard and JoLui!
JoLui...I will do that - great idea! Thanks!