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Naxos advice

Hello All,

We are staying in Naxos for 3 nights at the end of June 2023. We won't get into Naxos until the afternoon of the first night and would like to do a Mykonos/Delos tour the next day. This would leave one full day for exploring Naxos and we are trying to decide if we need to rent a car or not. I know the island is big but I'm not sure how much ground we can/will cover in one full day. Is it worth it to rent a car for 12ish hours? Is there usually good availability this time of year at the last minute or should we book in advance?

Also, any recommendations for a day trip to Mykonos/Delos? Is it something we can do on our own or should we book it through a tour company?

Thanks in advance!

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In my opinion, you are shortchanging Naxos. One full day is not nearly enough. I would advise you to rethink your plans and either choose to spend all of your time on Naxos, or all of it on Mykonos. My vote would be to limit yourself to Naxos.

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Booking only 3 nights on an island, that is actually two really useful days, always leads to the same conclusion: you don't know how to organize your time, renting a car for only 12 hours (when possible) is useless.
An organized tour takes 50% of your available time and at the end you only have a few hours left that you don't know what to do with.

This is why it is always recommended to stay at least 5 nights on an island, especially Naxos where there is a lot to see and do.

About the organized tour in Delos, you will have to go through an official tour company like Zastours for example. Doing it on your own will not be possible by taking a ferry going to Mykonos whose schedules are not developed for this kind of day trip. In addition, whatever happens, only accredited tourist companies can dock on Delos Island.

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More time would be amazing. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount to fit into only two weeks! Since Delos is an important stop on our trip to my husband, we will just have to live with less time to explore Naxos.

Great to know that only accredited tour companies can dock on Delos. While we are not interested in visiting Mykonos, it appears a direct option traveling from Naxos is not available.

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Here are other other companies that offer a daytrip to Delos:

All daytrips starting from Naxos that I know do roughly the same thing: departure from Naxos, stop in Delos for a few hours, then return to Naxos (with a stop in Mykonos).

Ask the travel agencies in town when you will be there. This kind of offer is usually displayed outside

FYI: The Ministry of Culture website for Delos:

Know that because of the rise in sea level due to climate change, we may be the last generation to be able to visit Delos on foot

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I am late on this thread. You have been given good advice. The day trip excursions do not go to Delos every day so you might want to contact the travel agents Joe Lui suggested, in advance to determine when that tour is offered. Since you have 2 days in Naxos you have a bit of flexability on which day you choose to do the excursion.

If you stay in Naxos town area you do not need a car at all. It will take the second day to just explore Naxos old town area.

Some images.
Around Naxos town 2022
Day trip to Delos and Mykonos