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Naxos 6 night Itinerary Review

Below is our 6 night itinerary first week in Sept, just looking for feedback. (I recieved feedback on separate posts for our hiking Mt Zas - which was awesome!)

Day 1. we arrive around 9:45 on ferry from Santorini to Naxos
- pick up car, drop off luggage at rental property - 10 minutes outside Choro town - if we can check in early go to grocery store, if not then either: check out
then either:
A) head south checking out beaches like Mikri and Aliko beach etc.
B) Rent ebikes and check out the towns nearby.

Day 2 - all day sailing trip -

Day 3 - Mt Zas HIke - and after Mt Zas - depending on how we feel check out a few small villages/ Chalki and Filoti / Rotunda to eat
OR head back to house and nearby beach

Day 4 - Day trip to Paros - renting a car after we get to Paros - will need to review and detail out seeing the island for stops etc.

Day 5 - North Look drive - stopping at small villages -

Day 6 - currently free day, thoughts of either fishing/sailing trip or ebikes to ride to different villages. THinking this is further then what I am thinking - but the bike rental place said it is doable and easy.

thoughts on the above as far as the order, what we are doing etc.
and then a few questions.

  1. For our last day on the 6th - are we missing any major sites/hikes etc we should be doing?
  2. Anyone know if snorkeling is better on any of hte major beaches or other places (Agios Georgios Georgios Beach, Agios Prokopios Beach, Agia Anna Beach or Plaka).
  3. Any thougths on the Ebike rental to go from town to town, just making a day of it. HARDER to get from town to town staying off Major roads?
  4. Would love feedback on restaurants right on the beach - or are these everywhere!
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On day 1 do not go shopping until you have arrived at your accommodation.
Things you may need (eg tea, coffee, sugar for breakfast) may already be there, left by the previous occupants. And right next there is a supermarket open 7/7 until at least 9:00 p.m.

On day 4 take the first ferry to Paros (around 9.30am).
I hope your rental car is already booked because the demand is very strong this summer.
For the return there is a ferry around 5:00 p.m. and even a later evening around 10:00 p.m.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Paros, depending on your activity preferences.
From Parikia where the ferry arrives, go to Naoussa, this is the fancy village/port north of Paros with its chic restaurants and luxury shops.
I warn you that it may be difficult to park your car, even in September.
I prefer Aliki which is also a village/port, but south of Paros

Places like Prodomos, Lefkes are very beautiful and much more authentic..
You won't be able to see much more in one day (I spent a month in Paros and haven't seen it all yet)

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Thanks Stanbr..will take a look.

JoLoui - thanks for the tips. and info.

In Paros I figure we wnon't be able to see it all, just another different island we can explore without a long ferry ride.

DWe do already have a car booked on Naxos, but not on Paros. You thikn we need to book ahead of time for Paros?
also do we need to get ferry tickets before or can we get them the day of?

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Cars are in high demand this summer (and prices follow demand). Also in summer some do not rent a car for less than 2 or 3 days.
So if you are sure to go to Paros do not delay too much before worrying about the reservation.
I have already rented with three different rental companies in Paros. There are two that do not rent for a single day. For the third, I don't know, you have to ask by email, (they don't have an online reservation system) it's:

There are many more in Parikia but I'm not sure that with rental companies that have an online reservation system you can enter the same date for the pickup and for the return.

Otherwise there is a good bus service in Paros but it is not ideal for a day trip.

About the ferry, buy the return tickets at the same time as the outward tickets.

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Once you have decided what day you want to visit Paros you can buy your ferry ticket the day before from any travel agent. They have the latest knowledge of weather strikes and best ferries.

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Thanks...and the Travel agents will be easy to find in town?

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Thanks...and the Travel agents will be easy to find in town?

You can't miss them.
Often in the port area but not only, in Naxos or on any other island. There are large blue and white signs marked "SEAJETS" or the yellow and blue "BLUE STAR FERRIES". (these are the two winning companies in the competition for the largest)

Most of the time you will also find a bulletin board with recent information about schedules or schedule changes (or cancellations).