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Naxos 3 night itinerary suggestions

As a part of our trip to Greece, we are spending 3 nights on Naxos and plan to rent a car during the first week of this coming June. We would love to get around the island to see ruins, taste wine, light hiking, find beaches away from our hotel (Studios Kalergis), and are open to a sailing daytrip. Any suggestions on an itinerary and/or hidden gems we should check out? Thank you

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We spent a week on Naxos several years ago. Although we didn’t rent a car, I think it would be great to do so! We used the convenient bus system. One of our favorite hidden gems for a few hours was the village of Apiranthos. It’s all paved in marble. A charming village to stop for lunch. I can recommend a couple of restaurants near your hotel, Our favorite was Nostimon Hellas. We ate twice in their lovely garden. Another favorite was To Elliniko. We also stayed on St George Beach. Great location to walk to sites & restaurants. Enjoy Naxos!!

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The suggestion of visiting Aparanthos is a good one. It is high up in the mountains. An interesting day would be a mountain villages drive. First stop would be Chalki. There are trails around the village with several ancient churches. You can easily spend half the day in Chalki. Then continue going up to Aparanthos.

Other places would be the west coast beaches pf Prokopios, Aggia Anna and our favourite Plaka beach. They are 7km south of Naxos town.

You may want to visit the Statue of Kouros in Melanes. This is an interesting area with some water features, a Roman Era Aqueduct and a Jesuit Monastery ruin in the hills on the far side of Melanes.

If you have time find Demeters temple. It is a very old site with several buildings including a temple that was repurposed into a church which was destroyed. When the site was discovered in modern times they realized about 75% of the marble was stil there so they reconstructed it half church and half temple.

You don't need a car to wander the old town and harbour area of Naxos town. Be sure to be in Naxos town for sunset over the portera. Its a must see.

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Naxos town
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When we go to Naxos, we have our host meet us at the port, drive us to our villa and then we don't leave for 7 days. We just walk to the Plaka each day and eat at a local restaurant. I guess we are boring, but it is the best time.

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You seem to have planned a busy schedule for 2 full days. As far as light hiking, I think that wandering around Naxos town's numerous back alleyways and the local's shopping district could occupy as much time as you care to use. We found enough to interest us for over 2 days in just the town . The entire island is a delight to travel around but justifies more time than you have. Enjoy what you can and plan to return.

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Good comment by Larry. What else are you planning for this trip. Tell us your full plans. You are gong to need a week in Naxos to see 75% of the sites I have suggested. Do you have a plan that can be altered?