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Navigating Santorini? And restaurant suggestions :)

Hi everyone, my husband and I will be staying in Santorini in August about 4 days. We are renting a car, but I've read some different things online that Santorini doesn't have real "addresses".. That being said, what is the best way to navigate the island? A traditional map? Or renting a GPS? I've read Google maps is unreliable.

Also - please give me your best restaurant suggestions! :) anything from fast casual to fine dining. Would love to be able to eat a nice meal and have a sunset view as well. Our AirBnB is in Exo Gonia region steps away from Metaxi Mas which I've heard great things about. We are wine people, so going to wineries/vineyards is definitely something we plan on doing as well!

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A paper map is always useful to have an overview of Santorini and can help you get around, it does not need satellites, GSM network or battery. But I don't think an additional GPS will help you more than your smartphone to get you from one point to another.

To go from one village to another any system will be effective, however it is better not to try to go to a specific place inside a village using it, it is better to park outside and finish the journey on foot. In addition, apart from a few main roads, the roads in the islands are often dirt which may surprise when you are not used to it, but they are generally passable even with a rental car.

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A restaurant that we would recommend for sunset views in Oia on Santorini is Oia Gefsis. Be sure to make a dinner reservation for their upper deck to see the sunset. It is off the Oia promenade. Right before the Clock Tower turn down a white path by a photo art shop. We ate at the Oia Gefsis taverna twice, and the food was excellent as well as the view. For lunch we also enjoyed Petrosia and Pelekanos in Oia.