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Naples to Crete flight rescheduled

Our flight departing Napoli and arriving in Crete got changed rescheduled from June 24 to June 22 . I am stressed because this is my first Europe trip and we have already planned a day in Capri and Pompeii the 22 and 23. We would have to cancel and reschedule our train from Rome , the ferry (and hope for a refund), our tour and our Airbnb . Didn’t want to wake up to this stress this morning

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Call them up and get a full refund because that's a major flight change. Find and book with another carrier if possible so you can retain your prior schedule. It sounds like your pre-existing booking cancellations may exceed the cost of a new ticket, especially if this flight was on a budget airline - so weigh the cost of your options. Unfortunately, travel is unpredictable - you just have to roll with it and adapt as you go along.

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Tried to call the flight provider Volotea but I can’t make international calls so we sent them an email. Will wait a couple of days then request a refund and find a new flight

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Personally, I would go ahead and book new flight and then get refund from current airline. If you wait too long, you might end up paying more.