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Nafplio to Santorini which flight

After spending 3 nights in Nafplio, my plan is to drive to ATH and fly to Santorini for another 3 nights, arriving before sunset.

  1. Olympic Air = 11:45a - 12:30p: Need to leave early, by 8a
  2. Sky Express = 2:00p - 2:45p: Best schedule but lots of poor reviews on Sky Exp
  3. Aegean = 3:40p - 4:25p: Will I be settled down by 6p for the 7p sunset?

I can leave Nafplio by 8a but it feels rushed. Sky Express really has dreadful reviews. For option 3, I'm not sure how long it will take from Santorini airport to my hotel (in Oia?) and settled down by 6p for the 7p sunset.

Seeking insights on these options. Thanks!

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Same response as on Fodors. Based on your reluctance to get up early and get going #3 makes sense and is doable.
If it were me I would get out and to the airport for that 11:45 flight. There is nothing worse than having to check out of your hotel and then having nothing to do while you put in time before your flight. On a short holiday even a few hours saved at your next destination are precious. By taking the 1`1:45 you will be in Santorini at your hotel shortly after 1. Perfect time to start you Santorini experience.
By the way Olympic and Aegean are essentially the same company.