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Napflio/Private driver?

Our plans have changed a bit and the person that was comfortable renting a car and driving is no longer able to go to Greece with us. With that being said, we are trying to see if we need to change our plans completely or if we can get a private driver or another option? I have NO experience with this so hoping you can help...

There will be 5 of us. The last of the 5 will be flying into Athens on Sunday, Sept 25th. The rest of us will already be in Athens and will meet at the airport at arrival.
We had planned on driving to Napflio immediately and stay there as our "hub." The plan was to see Napflio and surrounding areas (still haven't narrowed down exactly which areas so feel free to mention suggestions) and then head back to Athens on Sept 30th.

Is this even something we can book/hire to do since the rest of us are unable and/or too afraid to drive over there? Should we just stay in Athens and forget about adventuring off?

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated :)

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A quick look at Welcome Pick Up show a transfer for 5 from the airport to Nafplio would cost around 300 euros. I’ve always found them reliable.

Alternatively it’s not a difficult journey by bus. Buses run regularly throughout the day and the journey takes a bit under three hours. Tickets per person are just under 20 euros but you’d need to factor in a taxi to the bus station at around 25 euros. If you want to try this come back and we can give more detailed advice.

I guess the question for you is whether, if you don’t have a driver, you still want to be in Nafplio. You can do Epidavrus and Mycenae by bus from there but it’s trickier than driving to them.


PS if it was me I’d be happy to spend a few days in Nafplio (and often do!)

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Check out:

I booked with them from the airport and gave me a reasonable price for one person. Not sure what they would charge for 5 but contact them. I would think the cost per each person would be a good deal split 5 ways.

By coincidence they pick me up on Sept. 26!

They are highly recommended by the person who runs this website, THE best for Nafplio:

By all means go to Nafplio. It's a perfect place to base yourself to explore nearby world class archeological sites and so much more!

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I hate renting cars on vacation and my husband hates it even more, but we've driven in Greece a few times now and don't find it to be difficult outside of Athens. It's not like Italy (even northern Italy which is supposedly more "normal" was too stressful for us). We're planning on driving around the Peloponnese in September. So for those able to drive, they might want to reconsider.

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Thank you all so much! I am will be checking out all the websites/suggestions given :)