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Nafplio question


I will be in Athens for work at the end of October and will have about a week after to do some exploring. I am thinking of basing myself in Nafplio as there seems to be a ton to see in the area and I haven't been there before.

My question is as I am not planning on renting a car, how easy is it to join up with group day tours to nearby sites like Epidavros and Mycenae? I know they would be easy to access with a rental car and there are set trips offered by large tour operators like Viator, but they are very expensive and typically require 2 pax minimum (I am traveling solo). I am hoping that on the ground in Nafplio it will be easy to find such tours from local travel agencies. Please let me know if that is the case or if I should reconsider renting a car.


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I don't know, but here's a great resource that may help you find Nafplio-based tours. Matt Barrett is a good source on travel throughout Greece.

You could fill a week in Nafplio and the Argolis region, though a car would definitely give you more flexibility. When we visited several years ago, we took a boat tour from nearby Tolo to three different islands, including Hydra -- a great way to spend a day if possible.

I hope your work schedule will give you time to see many sights in Athens, if you haven't already.

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There are buses but could be a bit challenging depending on their schedule.

When I was there way back in 2011 there were direct buses to Epidavrous & Mycenae but I don't believe they still operate.

You could take a bus to Tolo for a decent beach town and/or do a day cruise from Tolo to Hydra/Spetses with Pegasus Travel.

I avoid group tours as they are not my "cup of tea" but many find them convenient. However, I'm not sure about tours from Nafplio.

If there is any way you could rent a car (I recommend Staikos) it would give you the opportunity to go where and when you want including places the bus doesn't go. You don't have to rent it for your entire stay but 3 days will give you enough time to explore.

I've been to Nafplio twice, first without a car but bus service was better then and the end of Sept. last year with a rental.

Believe me the car gave me the opportunity to visit the places I missed on the first trip.

Here's the best website for Nafplio. You'll find a huge amount of info on the town and areas you can visit.

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I’ve been to Nafplio more than a dozen times, although not in the last five years. I’ve never seen any day tours from there to surrounding sites. It my have changed recently - they now have cruise ships coming in - but I doubt anything would be running in October.

It’s possible to do both Mycenae and Epidavros by local bus but not that easy. For Mycenae you have to change in Argos and make sure you get a bus to the site and not just the village. In both cases the buses are infrequent.

Bus timetables are here

Mycenae is transliterated as Mikines.

I think I’d get a car for part of the time. You could do a fair amount in two or three days and there is also plenty to do in Nafplio itself. We’ve used Bounos for cars a couple of times and found them fine. There are others in town and I’ve no reason to think Bounos is the best but we were happy with it.

Nafplio is brilliant. Have a great trip.


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We saw ads for day tours on signs when we were in Napflio. We had a car which is the best option for exploring the surrounding antiquities.