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Looking to book a couple of rooms in Nafplio in second week of Dec. The Pension Marianna appears to be booked? Is it still busy at this time in Nafplio , Greece? Can anyone suggest the best way to make a booking at Pension Marianna?

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Did you inquire on the Pension's website or go through a third-party like might say no more rooms available but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Check with the website for Marianna.

I find it hard to believe that there aren't any rooms available for the second week of December.

There are numerous other accommodations in the Old Town to inquire about.

There is also AirBnb to look into.

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Thank you for your response. I am sure there are rooms available in Nafplio at that time, but I was stuck on Marianna. I will check directly with them and then move on if necessary.

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They may not be booked... they may simply be closed for the season. They are in a location HIGH above the main part of town, on the cliffside. Unless you drive up there AND down to the seafront, you'd need to walk down several very steep flights of stairstep lanes. (I know because I've stayed at a place up that high). It was OK when I was spryer, and days were longer, and I'd leave in the AM and not come back until before dinner. I think it may be dangerous in the dark, certainly if it's rainy. Therefore, any guests would have to constantly drive a roundabout route, and then find parking on the wide concrete area by the port, to go to dailyl activities, meals etc. And what if one forgot something in the room? NOT convenient. That's why I'm thinking the Marianna owners close between December - Easter.

A great place to stay in December - AND you may b e ab le to score a room -- Is Hotel Agamemnon, right on the seafront. The only hotel on that long stretch where front-balcony views are not obstructed by cafe tents. Lovely rooms, nice staff, swell buffet breakfast in front lobby with full-wndow views of water. And -- surprise! -- v. moderate rates. If u can get a room, pounce! If it's busy, I also recommend Omorfo Poli .. which is also in Old town sea level but with a nice view not in a narrow lane. Check A+ reviews for both.

I do hope you already have consulted the best online guide to Nafplio -- -- noncommercial, covers a wide range of sightseeing, dining, walks, hidden gems, etc. It may also be a start on finding special fun events during holiday times; Nafplio has a large permanent population, is a favorite weekend getaway for Athenians, so there's always something interesting going on.

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Stay away from the Amphitryon Hotel. They bill themselves as 5 star but in reality barely make it to 3 star. Some rooms are okay, some are downright awful. They have so many tours staying there they don't care.

The included breakfast isn't great and the breakfast room gets very crowded.

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If your heart is set on Pension Marianna, but there are no rooms available, then I would suggest Aetoma Traditional Hotel. Our stay there was wonderful! We booked directly with them.

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Just to say I’d describe our stay at the Aetoma as “wonderful!” as well. Super gracious host, lovely room, great breakfast. Good luck. Safe travels.

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I hope you get to stay in the place you wanted but I will say this, in the three times I have been to Nafplio I have stayed at a different place each time. All three were delightful in their own ways. One was high on the hill with an unbelievable view and two were just a few blocks off of Syntagma Square in classical buildings.
My point being, you should have your pick of plenty of really neat places if it comes down to not getting the pension.

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I second the recommendation for Pension Omorfi Poli. We stayed there last May for 5 nights and loved our stay there. The breakfast buffet is delicious. The staff are helpful and friendly. And the location is perfect! In the pedestrianized zone, and walking distance to everything.