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Mykonos stay

Planning two nights in Mykonos
We do not want to rent a car, nor go to night clubs. We would like something central and although we are not all night party people we do want some nice places with live music.
What areas should we look into? It’s 3 single mature women traveling together.

Also having a hard time finding a place in Oia, Santorini 6/13-6/17. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Toni

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We enjoyed our stay at Petasos Beach Hotel just outside of Mykonos Town, not a party place when we visited. Beautiful sea views, nice pools. You can walk to nearby beach too.Bus service into town.
You are scheduling too many days on Santorini.
Remove one or two of them. Look at caldera, then deal with mobs of tourists.
I suggest you go to Paris or Naxos to get a more Greek experience.

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I agree with Suki. We stayed in town in Mykonos, as we could get direct flights from Milan, and it is fine only. We also did really enjoy Petasos Beach Resort but we are water lovers and it was a relaxing place to start. We then ferried to Naxos which has a lot more to offer with some nice small museums and buildings, shopping, lots of restaurants and cafes, and beaches right there. Very walkable and fun and much more affordable. We also loved Naoussa, in Paros. We have no interest to going back to Santorini with cruise ships swarming it.

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Thank you Suki and Karen for your advice.
So I shorten our stay in Santorini by a day. Looking into Naxos for a couple of days before heading to Mykonos for one night, then onto Athens. This seems like a lot of moving about to me, but I have two friends coming along and one really wants to see Athens and the other Mykonos.
Is there enough to do in Naxos for two days?
We love the beach but two of us live close/on the beach so spending two days at a beach may not be what we want to do.
Should we spent two nights in Mykonos?
Thank you for your help.
Leaving 6/12 for 8 nights (all the time off we could get).

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Naxos is a one stop shop with lots of choices and variety and nice locals and fun at night and it's easy to get around the town. Very enjoyable and you will wish for more than two days. Athens is definitely worth seeing.

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We booked at Seethrough Mykonos. Looks fun, but not a party place and walkable to several beaches. We’re also staying in Firostefani in Santorini, per recommendations in this group. Maybe you can find somewhere outside of Oia.

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TOni - I sent you a PM about Santorini as per your request - had u solved your problem already? If so please inform.