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Mykonos and Naxos - First Time

Hi everyone
My husband and I have just decided to go to Mykonos and Naxos for a holiday in September - yes in 6 weeks time (from Australia). We are late 40s (young at heart) like the beach, restaurants, bars and exploring. In our minds we'd like to stay close to the beach and walking distance to the night time activities, i.e. restaurants and bars. We would appreciate any advice you could give us that would assist in choosing accommodation or areas to stay in. Also, we may have another week up our sleeve, so maybe another island? We've been to Santorini. Thank you so much in advance.

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I haven't been to Mykonos yet, but really enjoyed my stay at Hotel Grotta in Naxos. It's an easy walk to the waterfront and all the restaurants there, and the views from the hotel are fantastic. I found the room very comfortable, the staff were wonderful, they serve a nice breakfast and they have a small indoor pool for "freshening up". They can help you book excursions if you're interested.

If you need any help with transportation, transfers, hotel suggestions or whatever, I'd highly recommend Fantasy Travel, which was recommended on Matt Barrett's website.

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While in Mykonos, take one of the local tours out to the island of Delos (aka Island of the Gods). It doesn't take long to get there and there are spectacular ruins and scenery. Google it and see what you think.

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NAXOS would e a perfect combo with Mykonos... because Naxos has so many permanent residents and a thriving economy of farm produce AND Marble-quarrying, there are always locals about, so it's still 'buzzing" in September. I advise you to stay right ON the beach that is adjacent to Naxos Town (St. George Beach, in Greek, Ag. Giorgios). You get the best of both worlds -- the beach view to wake up to, AND an easy 15-minute walk to all the attractions of hte port town : cafes restaurants museums, shops nightlife. You would not need a car except if you wanted to take a day or 2 and whirl around Naxos island ... dramatic mountain scenery, hillside tradtional villages (and they have wine festivals in September yum!!), and ruins in orchards... so much to see!! Some good moderate hotels right on the sands include HOtel Asteria, Studios Kalergis, Studios Thomais, Hotel Diogenis, Villa Naxia.

MYKONOS - If you want the nightlife, it's a good idea to Stay at a place IN TOWN, and bus out to the beaches, rather than vice-versa. What people who choose a beach place discover -- to their dismay -- is that late at night they can't get back there!! The busses stop at 11 or a bit after, and the (few) taxis decide it's time to go home... and you're Stuck! A word to the wise. There are plenty of hotels in town htat have lovely sunset views, esp. those on higher levels.

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I have been away so just saw this post. Io am late but I wanted to say Janets advice is spot on.
Here are some images
Naxos Town
Trip around Naxos
St George Beach Hotels Naxos
St George Beach Naxos

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We spent 8 days on Naxos and found it to be a wonderful combination of Old & New World. The road from Naxos town over the mountains passing through numerous villages all the way to the small seaside village of Appollonus is truly spectacular . . . in fact rivals anything I've seen anywhere with far less traffic, congestion and stop and go headaches. Sept. will be absolutely perfect for the ride or anywhere on the island.

We stayed in St. George Beach at Studios Naxos, a lovely budget-friendly accommodation just 50 meters from the beach with lovely views of the beach, bay, town and beyond. Great hosts who picked us up at the port and dropped us off.

Naxos doesn't rely solely on tourism so most everything stays open, especially Naxos Town. The Old Town is indeed beautiful.

We did a day trip to Delos/ Mykonos and while Mykonos was visually stunning found it to be to touristy, crowded and over-priced, even off season. Delos is another matter, simply spectacular ruins comparable to Pompeii in Italy. Definitely worth the aggravation of Mykonos to spend some time on Delos.

You can combine Naxos with several other island. Check out the Small Cyclades which you can get to from Naxos. Off the beaten path, very Greek, low-key and laid back.

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Will second Tommyk5's comments. In 2012 we spent 5 days on Naxos in Agios Giorgios and also took the day trip to Delos and Mykonos. Also have to agree that we could have done without Mykonos. We rented a car for 2 days and drove around the island to see various small towns and other sights. We ate at nearby Niko's Taverna every night. This is a family run restaurant which serves delicious home style Greek food for a reasonable price, with the usual complimentary dessert, and with friendly service. If you do stay in that area you might check into this restaurant. Enjoy your stay!