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My post has disappeared into the ether!

I posted a question earlier, now the site has lost it. So here it is again...
You've all been so helpful in planning my itinerary, and I have one more question.
I'm picking up a rental car in Piraeus around 4PM and driving West to Hotel Cokkinis for the night. I plan a brief stop in the morning at the Corinth Canal and a walk around Acrocorinth. I'm guessing that will take up the entire morning, and I can get on the road by noon-ish.

Does it make logistical sense to drive from there directly to Monemvasia, spend the night and following morning there exploring the castle? Would the drive get me there before dark? It looks to be about a 2-1/2 hour drive from the Corinth area.
 From Monemvasia, I'll drive up to Nafplio and base there for 5 nights to visit Mycenae, Epidaurus, etc. I'd hate to be so close to Monemvasia and not visit.
What are your thoughts?

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It will take a minimum of 3h to drive from Acrocorinth to Monemvasia. I just checked what time the sun sets in Sep in Athens which is 7p so if you leave by 1p you should be fine. Expect it to take longer than 3h because it takes 3h if there's no traffic and you don’t get lost. If you leave around 1p expect to arrive by 6p.

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Ok, that’s good to know. I’m hoping to add Monemvasia to my itinerary.

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Just my thoughts, but I might take 1 night from Nafplio and add it to Monemvasia. We actually did 3 and 3 last year. While there isn't alot to do on the "Rock", it deserves more than 1 evening and 1 morning (IMO). Also, give yourself plenty of drive time, I would not want to drive those roads in the dark, plus the scenery is stunning!!!

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Thanks for your reply, Jimmy. From what I've read, exploring the castle is about all there is to do on Monemvasia, and I read that one night there is usually sufficient. I figure I'll walk up in the evening and again in the morning for a different vibe. I'm planning 5 nights in Nafplio because I want to relax and explore very leisurely.