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Museum and Historic Sights in Athens

We read that there is one day in May that all the museums and historic sites are free in Athens, is that true? When exactly is that? we would like to avoid the crowds.
Is there a pass that lets you visit all the sites and museums without having to buy individual tickets?

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Any time there is something for free expect huge crowds, even more on "non-free" days and the crowds for the Acropolis on a free day may be unbearable. I assume you are talking about May 1 (International Workers' Day). Bear in mind there could also be a lot of work stoppages and strikes on that day.

There is a multi-site ticket available for 30 euros and that's quite a deal for what you will see and experience.

I would go on a non-free day, get to the Acropolis at opening time, 8 a.m. to avoid the tour groups and hordes of tourists then you can visit the other sites included in the ticket later.

What you get for 30 euros will be worth every euro . . . I would recommend a non-free day.

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Thank you. Where can we purchase the 30 euro pass? Can it be used over several days?
The free day is May 18, international museum day. It is a Saturday, so big crowds for sure.
We will be there May 17,18,19.