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Mt. Olympus, Greece

I am meeting my son, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia, in Greece for a week in January. He really wants to "do" Mt. Olympus. However, I can't find much about it except hiking, and it's covered in snow seven months out of the year. I really can't hike, but I'd love to at least find a place where we can view it and take pictures and feel like we have somewhat "exerienced" it. (We will have a car and will be driving out of Thessaloniki) . After that we are going to Deplphi, driving through the Peloponnese -- hitting a few archological sites -- and ending up the 6th and 7th of January (I know...Epiphany and Orthodox Christmas) in Athens. The Parthanon, at least, is open those days.

My question. Is there anything we can do at Mt. Olympus on Jan 3 that will make him feel like he's experienced it?


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