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Mosquitoes in Greece?

Has anybody had any problems with mosquitoes in Greece? Where were they a problem? What time of year?

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Encounters with mosquitos depends very much upon WHEN you go ... of my 12 trips 11 have been from mid-May to Mid-June and mosquito problems have been minimal. AND, since the weather was normally so balmy at night 60-68 °F, I most often sleep w. windows open. (Greek lodgings seldom have screens). The only caveat is, don't leave room windows OR shutters open & lights on after dark. Going to dinner we'd normally close shutters, click off lights. Returning in dark, I'd leave shutters closed until ready to sleep, then turn off lights & open shutters & windows. The very few skeeters around, I've found, are discouraged by use of Avon's Skin so Soft lotion (so effective, it is used by US troops btw).

The mosquito "season" begins in July, is worst I think in August, tapers off in September. Fewest problems when u have lodgings on a beach with steady onshore breezes. In Hotel rooms you often see a bedside "burner" where a coil of some kind of skeeter-repeller is lit at bedtime & emits ?fumes? that repel the nuisances. (these are also available in any Pharmacy) If hotels have screened windows or bednets u can assume there are plenty of the critters. IT's just good sense to avoid places where mosquitos may breed -- I stay away from hotels built near marshy areas or rivers. On Trip Advisor, the Forum most often visited by Europeans who go only in July-August you see many postings about how to combat them

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I was in Greece last June and July and didn't have any problems with mosquitoes. I was mainly in Athens, Hydra and the Peloponnese. Can't speak for other islands. Hope that helps.

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I have probably encountered more mozzies in Greece than anywhere else in Europe. I was sailing in Greece a few years ago mid June/early July and we were plagued by mosquitoes when berthed on the mainland near the beach showers. There was less of a problem once we got onto the islands as there was more of a breeze to keep them at bay.

Most of the places I have stayed in Greece have had a few mozzies at night, but the supermarkets all sell coils and plug in devices. Buy/take some form of deet or non-toxic product to put on your skin at night.

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Just back from RS Greece tour (Oct 12-25) and mosquitos were huge issue for me in some areas. Didn't have any bites until Kardamyli on day 5. No one warned us that they were prevalent in the area. Windows were open when we arrived at the hotel and we left them open that night. Next morning I was covered in bites. There was a plug-in item on the desk in the room, but we weren't told it was a bug repellant. (We and others thought they were air fresheners, so didn't use.) On evening two, with the plug-in device in use and windows closed, I still had more bites (yup counted them...104 bites). Some others on the tour had bites although for whatever reason I had it the worst, and we acquired a few more at as we continued along the Peloponnese Peninsula. Obviously I wasn't prepared. Take repellant with you!

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It probably depends on time of year? I took the Athens & Pelopponese tour in about May and then travelled to some of the islands afterwards, and don't remember seeing even one mosquito. The weather was hot and dry at that time, which probably isn't the best for mosquitoes and I had no problems in Kardamyli or any other locations.

The easy solution would be to pack some repellent to use if required.

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We must have been very unlucky. Went to Crete end of May/beginning of June and every time we show photos of our daughter from that trip, people ask if she's had the chickenpox - nope, just mosquito bites all over ......

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I was in Greece in July, and yep there were mosquitos. They weren't everywhere that we went, but we did have them on Paros. We didn't have repellent, but my traveling companion found some of the coils that you light that keep them away. We put them near the windows in hopes that it would ward them off. I would recommend other solutions. :)

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Lynn and Beatrix.. its is a weird sort of luck... because they have shown some folks smell is way more attractive to mossies then others.. My husband has likely had 3 bites in his life.. but my son is a magnet for them and always gets a bitten.. no matter where in the world and what season we go.