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Morning or Afternoon Light to Photograph Lion Gate at Mycenae and Theater at Epidauros?

We will be traveling to Nafplio April 25 to 28, 2015, and will be taking trips to Mycenae and Epidauros. Rick suggests that a couple hours at each site is sufficient. I like to take photos and am wondering whether the Lion Gate at Mycenae and the theater at Epidauros will be in better light in the morning or in the afternoon. I don't know the direction they face to try to anticipate when the better lighting will be on them, rather than the shade. I asked the guide Rick recommends, but she said she does not take photos and does not know when the light is best for photographs. Any advice for the best times to get good lighting at these sites? Thanks.

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We were at both sites early afternoon (different days) in mid-October and took excellent photos with a basic digital camera. I don't think it matters a whole lot on the time of day, unless you are looking for some special type of images with shadows, lighting and/or other affects. For basic photographing I think whatever time you chose will be OK.

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Hi, thanks for your response. What I am looking for is to be able to shoot the Lion Gate and the Theatre with the sunlight on them rather than their being in shade. Did you have sunlight on them in the afternoon, or were they in the shade? And if they glow with the early morning rising sun or late afternoon setting sun, that would be my favorite time.

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I can't give you specific guidelines, especially for April because I was there in July. All I know is that we didn't visit either of them in early morning or late afternoon and my photos turned out very nice. The lion gate photo I just looked at shows a shadow to the right of the gate so it looks like the sun was coming from the side and not directly on or behind the gate itself. As for the theater at Epidaurus, it was in full sunlight with no shadows so maybe it was around mid afternoon when we where there. Wish I could be more help.

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I was at Mycenae this morning (april 17) around 10AM. The lion's gate was mostly shaded. However, I'm pretty sure it is facing mostly north so I don't think it really matters what time of day you go. I went to Epidauros late yesterday afternoon (around 4:30PM). If you are facing the u made by the theatre, late in the day the sun was to my right. From far away the right half was substantially shaded, but it was still a good picture. Have a great time in Greece!!!

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Seems many folks answering aren't too familiar with photography lighting conditions...

Epidavros faces slightly northwest (if you are in the stands facing the theater). So later in the afternoon would be best to get raking light across the stands. Morning would be worst.

I believe the Lions Gate also faces northwest. So morning would be awful and late afternoon best.

Midday or early afternoon will at least work with those orientations.

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Douglas is right that the Lion Gate faces north west. It's also the case that the path leading up to it has quite high containing walls.

I'll admit to being one of those who knows nothing about photography lighting but I'd assume this means that later in the afternoon would be best to get the relief in decent sunshine.

On another note if you are spending a few days in Nafplio, which is great, you might be interested in our write up on places to eat there. We've been several times, most recently for a couple of weeks over last Christmas and New Year.

Have a great trip.