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Monemvassia - out of the way?

My current trip plans include Athens, Hydra, and Napflio, with sidetrips to the nearby ancient sites. I had planned to go to Monemvassia, but I now see that it is 3.5 hours from Napflio, and the return trip to Athens would be even that much longer. This place sounds and looks so unique. Give it a miss, or go through with the trip.

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It was enjoyable for me as it is quite unique. The setting is very interesting. However I am not sure it warrants a big detour and long drive. It is a place to walk around and discover nooks and crannies and hike to the top. I see it as a gd place to stay for a few days to simply reflect and be at peace especially in eve. Check pics of the island to get the idea of what it is like.

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Are you considering traveling from Nafplio to Monemvasia to Athens in one day?

If so, even though it is a unique destination, all you will do is travel all day for the opportunity of a drive by photo.

You probably would do well to spend your limited time at one of your other destinations

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We leave in 2 weeks for the RS Athens & Greece tour. Monemvasia is one of the places I look forward to the most, it seems unique and I want to take photos.

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It’s a splendid visit, but I question whether it is worth 7 hours travel as a daytrip. We saw it as a substitute small-ship cruise port, when a storm made Mykonos too hard to reach.

Perhaps it’s like a waterfront blend of Pérouges and Evora? It also figures in a Patrick O’Brien novel.

Edit: Have you made plans for Delphi? That's very suitable for a day out from Napflion.

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I’ve spent a few days there on a couple of occasions and it is really spectacular and atmospheric. But I’m with those who say it’s just too far for a short stay.

If you’re looking for an alternative side trip from Nafplio but one that leaves you closer to Athens, you might consider the Diakofto-Kalavryta rail trip.

Full disclosure we did it yesterday so I may be biased :-)


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We absolutely loved Monemvassia. However, we did it as a one night stop over after Nafplion and on the way to Kardamyli. Agree that while it is unique you might have to save it for the next trip :-)