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Monemvasia overnight car parking suggestions

We will be spending 1 night in the lower town of Monemvasia (not in the "mainland" town of Gefyra)(Friday night, 7 April 2023).

  1. Our hotelier (Likinia Hotel) suggested (as does the 2020 RS Greece book) we drive as far as the castle gate and then circle back to grab the closest roadside parking spot. Of course (insert eye roll) I have now come across a Google reviewer that stated they got a 100 euro parking ticket for parking there during the day time. Any comments on if this is an actual risk we may face? Our original plan was to leave the car on the mainland and take the local shuttle across.

  2. Our hotelier also recommended leaving our luggage in the car (whether on the Rock or on the mainland). For us city folk this idea seems ludicrous, especially since our rental vehicle will not have a separate enclosed trunk (we are renting a 7 passenger minivan for our family of 6) and the contents will be visible to passersby. The hotelier said that never in their experience have they had any safety issues with their guests' vehicles when parked on the Rock entrance road. Again, Google reviewers have commented on how DARK the mainland parking lot is...

Anyways, any suggestions to help me with my over-thinking would be appreciated :) .

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Just a thought, drive up to the top to unload your luggage. Have someone stay with the van! Drive the van back down the mountain until you find a parking spot. Wait till sunset and walk back down to the van and move it closer to the main gate. There will be lots of parking spots at that time of the evening as the day trippers will all be gone so parking is way more available.
For fun here are some images of Monemvassia. I did exactly as I suggested waited until late afternoon and moved the car higher up.
Peloponnese, Mani and Monemvassia.

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Make sure there actually is a shuttle in April. I thought it was seasonal. I don’t think parking will be hard to find in April, but I don’t know. Why don’t you email the hotel with your questions.
Don’t leave big luggage in your car.

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I would trust Rick Steves and your hotel over a Google review. I recommend driving to the gates, off loading the family and the luggage, and then driving back until you find a parking space on the road. The Likinia is on the far side of the lower town--and there are no cars or shuttles inside the gates--so everyone has to walk with their luggage. I would NOT park on the mainland and take a shuttle to the gates--too much of a hassle and I'm not sure how often the shuttle runs. Monemvasia is quite unique and you made a good decision to stay overnight on the Rock. Be sure to take the hike to the upper town. The views are terrific.

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You guys are great :) . I really appreciate the common-sense real-life-experience you provide. It helps greatly! And the photos were fantastic stanbr!