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Metro Fine in Athens Airport

were on one visit of two nights in athens , and bought the ticket numbers F80425700A886A81 &F80424700A886A81 from kerameikos station at 14:22 , when we were buying station office was closed and no one was there to give information so we headed towards the machine where we selected the tickets showing valid for 24 hours which we took and used it next day we had a flight and again came to same station wanted to ask information regarding the validation of the above said ticket but unfortunatly there were no one to help us or guide us as we can only understand and speak English , any way when we scanned the ticket on the machine at 11:58 am 31st july the ticket worked , and we started our journey towards airport, and when we reached to airport we were stopped by the ticket checker and fined us 36 euro each and they were rude and also misbehaved , we did wanted to get that fine ticket because we did not violated intentially , they trenthen us to call police , we said yes but than they didnt and forcing us to sign the fine ticket which we never wanted to but as they knew that we are getting late so they started delaying practise , anyway we signed as we had to fly . My point is that.

1 )when we bought ticket machine showed that valid for 24 hours did mention not for Airport, so we did not know this
2) as a visitor, we have tried to reach a person at the kerameikos station before the start of the journey, which you can verify from CCTV camera, but there was no one to guide us, so we did know anything.
3) on tickets there is not mentioned that these are not valid for airport and that electronic gate accepted it then why we were fined.
4) if I had scanned the tickets as it should be then why I have to pay fine, the electronic gates are installed to stop me before entering, I should have been fined if I entered the station without scanning of the ticket.
5) we were mentally tortured by the metro team they were not listening and forcing us to get that ticket and even not calling the police, and they were stopping our way, i want you to please look in this as I want to challenge it appropriately and want to claim damages as visitors they have tortured and misbehaved with us and that female was racist as well

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we can't do anything here.

Is this a copy and paste of an online complaint form?

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I'm afraid you are out of luck here.

Both the Athens Transport web site and the printed infos at the metro stations
state in plain English which types of tickets are valid for the journey to / from the
(scroll down to "3. What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the
Athens airport?"). The 24 hours ticket is not mentioned. And then it's stated
explicitly "NO other tickets are valid for travelling from/to the Athens airport
and the city."

4) if I had scanned the tickets as it should be then why I have to pay fine, the electronic gates are installed to stop me before entering,

That's incorrect, since your ticket was valid until the Doukissis Plakentias station.

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In addition to prior post comments you clearly did not read through your RS guide book. It clearly states under how to use the Metro that a "separate ticket" is required for travel to/from the airport.