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Meteora, greece

My wife and I are planning a car trip around the meteora region as well as the Pelopenese Penninsula this spring. Will the influx of immigrates make lodging more difficult to find ? Is there any other issue we should look out for?
Thanks for your help.
John F

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Hi John,
The Pelopennese is not in the direction/route migrants travel or will be housed. If migrating, they would like to go north to Germany or Sweden or perhaps go northwest from Athens through Albania to Italy then northward since the Balkan route is now closed. The Peloponnese is southwest of Athens so I doubt they would want accommodation there let alone be able to afford it. I don't know the Meteroa region so I can't comment. FYI, here is a list of locations of planned camps in Greece

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Thanks, Jackie. I'm more concerned about the Meteora area because that is along the route they will be taking. I think you are right about the Penninsula .


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Hi John, we took a long day's shore excursion and saw three monasteries there. I would still make reservations to ensure a quiet hotel with AC ( if you are going in summer). Stunning geology. Don't forget to wear long pants if a man, &usual covered wear for ladies.