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We will be goimg to Meteora this coming October. We will have our own car and plan to stay two nights. Driving in after visiting Delphi.
1) could we tour ourselves or should we hire a tour
2) anyone thatbhas spent overnight have accommodation recommendations?
3) restaurant recommendations?

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We took the train from Athens in April to join a tour so I can’t recommend hotels.

Lunch and dinner were quick stops so I can’t recommend restaurants.

While you can see the monasteries on your own, you won’t learn about the history of the the sites or the area without a tour. But if you researched the area before you went you wouldn’t need a tour. The guides didn’t go into the monasteries with us. They provided information between stops.

Each monastery is open on certain days, so you won’t be able to see all of the them on one day.

On your own you’ll be able to spend more time at each site. I have to say we didn’t feel rushed on our tour.

The monasteries are interesting and the area is beautiful, particularly on a clear day.


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You can totally tour on your own but lynne has pointed out a few differences. I did it on my own and read up on the history myself ahead of time. But you might prefer someone talking to you about it. Really the biggest difference I can see is that parking might be busy and a tour will just let you off and pick you up so you don’t have to worry about that.

All monasteries are open on most Sundays, in case you happen to be there then. Last summer I stayed in what is now called The Boutique Holy Spirit (new name) and ate twice at their family restaurant. I plan to go back next year and will definitely be staying there again. Do stay in Kastraki instead of Kalambaka.

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Look for a hotel in Kastraki. Its a village nestled at the foot of the Monastary mountains. Being that close gives you an advantage over the tour buses from Kalambeka which flood the area when they arrive. Since you will have a car plan to arrive just before sunset. Most of the tourists will be gone and you will find magnificent vantage points for photos. Next day those vantage points will be filled with people and buses.
Next morning get up early and get to the Monasteries you most want to visit. There is parking up there although I can say some of the parking areas fill up fast.

Some images
Delphi and Meteora

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I have stayed at three different places in Kastraki, two nights each. They were all equally terrific. Using whatever metrics and resource to book rooms, as long as the rating is decent you're going to like it just fine.

Just grab food at any of the dozen or so tavernas around the village or since you have a car you could drive into the much-larger town of Kalabaka. I have my favorite eatery but I don't know its name, just know where it is, but they're all fine and welcoming with good food.

Spectacular 20-minutes, each way, detour en route to Meteora will bring you to Ancient Palaiokarya Stone Bridge and Waterfall as well as the superb Pyli Stone Bridge. Huge bang for your buck with this detour because it's easy, takes little time, and packs two highlight spots in one nearby area.

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We were there in early June a few years ago, pre covid. There were plenty of parking spaces available. I also agree with a detour to the ancient stone bridge and waterfall.

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1) You could self-tour, but why would you? Visit Meteora ( has great tours, in small comfortable buses, with great local guides.

2) Highly recommend Doupiani House ( In Kastraki. Kastraki is closer to the monasteries than Kalambaka, less crowded, and better views.

3) If you find a good restaurant in the area, let us know. We were disappointed.

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Thank you for all the help. I am wonderimg if the drive feom Athens to Delphi then to Meteora is an easy drive?

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I don’t know if I would say easy drive. Delphi is in the mountains and you have go up and then down. Getting there was easier than going to Meteora which required a lot of switch backs down the mountains. Then it was pretty easy.

We are from Florida where there are no mountains but lots of tollways. The tollway from the airport was familiar territory to us while two lanes roads with lots of curves were not. So how easy also depends on your experience.

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Beth nailed it for the drive. Once you are down the mountain after Delphi headed to Meteora, it was easy driving. That first part with switchbacks is not one of my favorite experiences, but it was doable and no one was rushing me.

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Thank you for the input I think after doing some research we are opting not to drive. Has anyone either taken private transfers or all inclusive tours either customized or otherwise? Any feedback is welcomed now that we will not have a car.