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men wearing shorts?

Do men typically wear shorts on the summer tours in Greece? Long pants may be expected in Athens but are shorts okay for the other destinations on the RS tour?

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My husband and several others wore shorts on that tour last year. Many of them wore the convertible type that zip at the knees. The guide was very good about telling us ahead of time which days we needed to dress more modestly. You will love this tour.

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It is perfectly fine in casual situations. Don't wear them at any religious venue or at restaurants with dress codes. It's hot in Greece in the summer.

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I would have said the same things that Patty said. Took that tour last spring. Wore convertible pants. Wore shorts lots of the time.
Living in Hawaii most of the year I am use to shorts all of the time.

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"Don't wear them at any religious venue"

is the Acropolis considered a "religious venue"?

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Shorts are fine for a visit to the Acropolis/Parthenon.

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I don't think the Acropolis is considered, technically, a religious venue, not these days.
It would have been two thousand years ago.

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The Acropolis is not a religious venue, and men wear shorts at all the archaeological sites and most other places. Churches and monasteries are the only places where nobody can wear shorts. And women shouldn't have exposed shoulders, so take a lightweight shawl and knee+ length wrap skirt.