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May Day in Nafpilo?

Any suggestions on what to do on May Day in Nafpilo?

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Go Swimming.... you can go to the cute Arvanita beach on the opposite of the Peninsula from Old Town... beach is rocky but there's a concrete platform with steps into the deep water. Also, if one walks around the "point" of the peninsula on the sea-llevel walkway, there's a chained-off swimarea right off the path, concrete jetties out into the water (used to be the Yacht Club).

Go "up top" to AcroNafplia.... at end of seafront promenade, there's a curving drive/ramp upward to a parking Square (and hotels) at Zigomata street... AND a doorway into a passageway IN the rock cliff... walk down it to an ELEVATOR in the cliff (this all looks like a cheesy sci-fi movie)... it take u up to the Acronafplia (High Nafplio) & the Nafplio Palace hotel.... walk out to the park at the "point" --- fab vistas, and lots of prickly pear, then walk along the parapet to the big clock tower.... if you continue all the way along the parapet u reach another hotel (closed), and a ramped drive down to Arvanita Beach.