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marathon and groceries

Hey -- my husband and I are going to Greece in November to run the marathon. Fueling well before and after the race is super important to our performance and recovery. We're staying in an airbnb so we'll have access to a full kitchen as well as a bathtub for soaking afterwards. Will Greek grocery stores have things like peanut butter? (preferred pre-race) Or chocolate milk? (great for post-race) Is it possible to buy bags of ice for an ice bath? (important to post-race recovery)

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I don't recall seeing peanut butter on the market shelves when we were there in 2008, so not sure if things have changed.
I also don't recall seeing bags of ice.
You can probably find chocolate milk.

Why not bring your own peanut butter?

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I would not count on peanut butter. Can you substitute with Nutella or something else (or bring your own concentrated snacks)? What about substituting yogurt or bananas for chocolate milk? I don't know about ice. Maybe at bigger grocery store. I would plan on having an alternative in mind for each item you named.

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I've seen jars of imported Skippy peanut butter in Greek markets for years. That doesn't mean the markets near you will have it. Chocolate milk is not uncommon either but you may have better luck buying chocolate syrup or powdered cocoa mix to put in regular milk. No idea about ice.

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I agree w. lee, many markets have PB, but also there are those "3packs" of PB-to-go ... I took them on last t rip...

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If all you need is one jar of peanut butter, pack it and bring it with you, but you will have to put it in checked luggage rather than carry-on. Likewise, a carton of Hershey's or Nesquik chocolate milk mix won't add much weight to your suitcase, but milk will be easy to find anywhere in Greece. There are large supermarkets in Greece, but most which call themselves "supermarkets" are really small neighborhood stores, and may not have everything you need.

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Why not contact your airbnb hosts (phone or email) and ask them if those items are available nearby.

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We're in Thessaloniki at the moment and our local supermarket had both peanut butter and chocolate milk.

You often see ice for sale in ports - yachts stock up with it - but I can't think of anywhere in Athens offhand. It seems possible though. Whereabouts are you staying?


PS there are places in the Greek yellow pages which will deliver ice but I've no idea of the minimum quantities and it might be a hassle if you don't speak Greek. Here's a fairly central example

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It's been ages, but I used to buy N'Joy chocolate milk at the kiosks and small shops all the time. I loved it, yum!

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These are great suggestions! Thanks so much. We're staying very close to Panathenaikon Stadium, where the marathon finishes.