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Lunch & Dinner

Going to Greece - 14 days w Globus and add on 4 -5 nights (1 in Mykonos and 3 in Santorini).

Working on budget (how much to set aside) for meals.

We're not trying to travel on a tight budget - we want to eat at "nice places" close by our hotel and want to experience the food there.

For lunch for example, would want to sit down at a restaurant, have multiple different things to pick from, and have a glass of wine/beer.
For dinner - appetizer, salad, entree, dessert and drinks (1 - 2 pp).

If pricing was $ - $$$$ - I would think we'd be targeting the middle of $$$.

Based on info shared above - looking for recommendations on how much to budget on average for?
1. lunch per person
2. dinner per person

Thank you and cheers!

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I asked........

Based on info shared above - looking for recommendations on how much to budget on average for?
1. lunch per person
2. dinner per person

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No clue where you live, but probably comparable price for similar places in Greece as in the US. How much would you budget if you were a tourist in your home town, or where in the US you travel? That should be pretty close

$-$$$$ ratings probably mean something different in NYC or San Francisco versus what it means in Omaha or Spokane.

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I have the most success in getting a general idea of costs by using Google Maps. I first find the place I will be (say Oia on Santorini), then I search for “restaurants”. I read some reviews and there are generally photos of the menu, with prices. Often the restaurant will have a website, so I can check that also.

I don’t think there is a simple answer to your question - especially since you want to eat near where your hotel is and we don’t have that information.

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Greek restaurants are cheap, a meal with starters, a hot main course, some wine or beer rarely costs more than €15/€20.

You can order mezes that you will share, it is an assortment of several cold dishes, tarama, tzaziki, hummus, melitzanosalata, Greek salad. The whole thing shouldn't cost more than €25 and that's enough for a lunch.

For hot dishes there is a large choice of grilled dishes, squid, chicken, pork, lamb. The meatballs (Keftedes) are generally excellent.
This type of dish costs on average 10€ to 15€. Dessert (or a liquor) is often offered.

Be careful, fish is very expensive and you will pay by weight (€60 to €90 per kilo). The fish is weighed before being cooked.

In Greece we rarely pay more than €35 for 2 people including drinks but we avoid places that are too touristy.
That being said, you are going to Santorini and Mykonos, the two most touristy and expensive places in Greece, or even Europe, so you could pay more, let's say almost twice (and sometimes much more).

The important thing is not to fall into traps where you will pay more than €700 for 2 glasses of wine and a plate of shrimp.

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