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Lufthansa carry on limit is 8 kg?

Has anyone had any issues with this?

We have been traveling to Europe since the 1980's using Rick Steve's guidebooks. We are true believers in packing light and not checking bags. But this is a bit intimidating.

Do they really check this? It comes to about 17 lbs. Our Rick Steve's bag empty is 2.5 lbs based on our bathroom scale. We just threw some clothes in the bag to fill it up to it's "normal" fullness level and found it weighed 21 lbs. That's just clothes. I'm guessing that non-clothing items weight more than clothing. So even though the bag won't be so full of clothes, the other stuff adds up.

So now I'm going to be compulsively checking the weight of my bag as I pack...

Any advice gratefully accepted.


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We travel the same way. We've taken two round-trips this past year with Lufthansa (thus 8 segments), and have another one upcoming next week. We use a pair of RS Convertible backpacks as carry-on. We have yet to be asked to put them in a sizer or be weighed (PHL, Newark, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Amsterdam). Checking on our bathroom scales we seem to be between 17-18 pounds. 8 kg is 17.6 pounds. I suspect when they see these on your backs they will not say a word. BTW, we've not been checked on any other airlines in this mode, either, either. That included an Easyjet flight.

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Maryann, do a Search for "Lufthansa carryon" in the Search function (top of page), and you will find lots of previous discussion. I flew Lufthansa last year, and yes we saw them checking many bags, in the gate area. Basically, the gate agents hefted bags they thought looked heavy or too big and if they were heavy, they weighed and put in the sizer. So yes they can enforce, but will they on your flight? Who knows? Nobody's prior experience can predict.

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Actually it's a carry-on Bag PLUS a "personal carryon item"--- 12" x 15x 4" = I.e. handbag or laptop size. If 1 of you is carrying a laptap, then the other could use that "shoulder bag" tning for your heaviest item.

However, I'm not clear about one thing. I believe that these weight/size limits apply to flights within Europe. You do not tell us whether the flight you reference is within Europe or from USA/canada. If you are flying Lufthansa from US to Greece (presumably with a Change in Frankfurt), your overseas flight would allow you to check a bag in addition to above. Once you reach Greece, if you are not taking planes elsewhere, no problem. OR if you are taking planes on airlines that are a bit more forgiving on domestic Greek flights, you could have a 3rd softside fold-able bag you check from the US, then redistribute for the weight limits of any flights you take within Greece.

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Within Europe, hand luggage is often weighed and measured if the flight is full or if it looks as though it is above the size weight limit. I would never dream of going to the States from Europe with only hand luggage! The penalties for being overweight, if caught, may be significantly more than the cost of checking a bag in if you get up to say 25 lbs.

Certain airlines in Europe such as Easyjet have size but no weight restrictions.