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Lost camera charger

When we were packing last night, our (Nikon) camera battery charger was nowhere to be found :( Any idea on whether we can buy a replacement in Greece (won't be in Athens till the end so it would need to be a smaller town, eg Santorini, Naxos, etc? Or do we need to scour the airport for an overpriced one? Thanks.

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This may not (likely won't) prove helpful, but some cameras today can be charged with the battery inside, through their USB port. My two current cameras are like that. I take a battery charger because it is faster, but in a pinch.......

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Are you leaving today? No chance to run to a camera store or store which at least sells them?

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My camera had rechargeable batteries but also worked on regular AA batteries ... the recharger mainly saved on buying AAs. If yours is like that, just go buy some AAs.

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If you don't have an opportunity to scoot out today then I think you will have to buy a charger at the airport. I suspect it will be less expensive to do it at your home airport rather than one in Greece.

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It looks like there is a Germanos store in Fira, about 15 minutes from Santorini. They show a Nikon DSLR on their site.

From the Wiki:

The Germanos Chain of Stores is a multinational chain of retail electronic goods vendors. They specialize in offering high-end electronic devices such as computers, digital cameras...

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Any Germanos Store in Greece should have what you need.

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Thanks so much for the tips, everyone! Unfortunately, our DSLR camera doesn't take regular batteries and won't charge via USB, and our search for a charger at the airport was unfruitful (surprisingly). We checked out the Germanos store in Fira (thanks for that suggestion) and another shop around the corner, but as it turned out they were closed because it was Sunday. Looking through the windows, we didn't see any obvious camera chargers, but that's not to say they don't have one. If anyone is in a similar bind, we ended up seeing a store sign that said "digital photo" across the street (across from Germanos I think??) and they were able to sell us one! Not the cheapest thing in the world, and it has a European plug, but we were elated to be able to use our good camera rather than cell phones for the trip!