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Looking for a Naxos transfer to hotel from port?

Our first time to Greece and I was wondering what the situation is at Naxos port as far as transportation. We are taking a Seajet from Santorini to Naxos and our hotel is about a mile from port. A little to far for us to walk with luggage in the afternoon. Is there plenty of taxi service there or do I need a private transfer? Requesting recommendations and cost. Thanks in advance.

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Ask your hotel. I stayed in a flat and the owner arranged a driver for me, even though it was an easy walk, I was afraid I'd get lost (I have no sense of direction and often misread instructions, sigh). I wouldn't count on a taxi being available unless you manage to be one of the first off the ferry.

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The port was a madhouse when we arrived, so it may be challenging to find a taxi. Our hotel sent a driver to meet us; see if yours provides that service.

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Thanks, I will shoot the hotel a request right now. Thanks again for the info!

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We do not know your hotel but if it is a good hotel concerned about the comfort of its customers it will offer you the transfer from the port.

If not, since you say it's about 1 miles from the port, there's probably a bus stop nearby. Bus lines 1 and 10, for example, serve several stops in the immediate vicinity to the south of the port. I'm pretty sure you're going to this area.
There are buses approximately every 30 minutes and this kind of trip costs less than 2 euros.

OK, you're not very comfortable with this plan. Do not panic. If your hotel isn't cooperative, if you don't like the bus, if all the taxis are gone, don't put yourself under unnecessary stress.

Are you in such a hurry? I do not think so. Go to one of the bars of the port, sit on the terrace, order drinks, watch the crowd, enjoy the atmosphere. After a while you will see other taxis coming back. All you have to do is go see one, say hello in Greek (Kalimera in the morning or Kalispera in the evening) and ask him to take you to your hotel.

That's all.

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We took the Seajet from Santorini to Naxos in October 2021. There were many taxis waiting when we exited the boat, and we had no trouble.. But I do suppose if the boat is crowded and you are last ones off there could be no more taxis. It's not so big that there are hundreds of taxis waiting. If there are no more taxis, I do like the idea of having a drink and waiting for them to return.

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We were in Greece this past May. We took the Blue Star Ferry from Santorini to Naxos. Upon arrival, there were lots of taxis at the port. No problem at all getting a taxi. What month will you be doing this?