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Logistics of getting from Piraeus to Airport

I am going to be booking flights for 6 adults to get from Athens to Santorini and have a question about the timing. My plan is to leave Hydra via boat to Piraeaus, catch a bus to the Athens airport for an afternoon flight. I believe there is a boat that leaves Hydra at 7:05am and arrives at Piraeaus at 8:40. Now we need to catch a connecting bus to the airport and I haven't found a good resource for bus schedules. How often do they depart? Hourly? If I can get on a bus by or before 10:30 that should get us to the airport by noon and thus I am thinking if I can get a 2pm(ish) flight we should be touched down in Santorini by 3pm. Has anyone done this and can you shed any light on any pitfalls I should be aware of?

I had originally planned to get on a ferry but from what I am seeing - they all depart Piraeus in the 7:00am hour and we won't be able to get there any earlier than 8:40. And the one later ferry gets us to Santorini late at night.

Also, if anyone has any good bus schedule resources period - that would be helpful. My entire itinerary is Athens first, then bus to Delphi for a couple nights, then bus to Hydra (Pireaeus) for 3 nights and then catch a flight to Santorini. We will fly back to Athens for 1 night before heading home.

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There's an X96 bus from Piraeus to ATH at least once each hour, probably more. The trip takes about 75 minutes.

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WHYYYY Hydra?? I know that Rick Steves promotes Hydra tirelessly but that's because he has not visited any other islands except Santorini 15 years ago. You are twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to fit in Hydra, when it doesn't even have any good beaches. Why not just Fly rom Athens to Santorini and spend your time there, then take a ferry for 2 hours to NAXOS which is an island that has everything that Hydra and Santorini do not ... Lots of inland landscapes... 15 miles of golden sand beaches all in a line, a fascinating "Old town" with mazey flagstone lanes ... Night life with greek music ... Vineyards and olvie groves and sheep and terrific ruins -- PLUS a great bus network that goes almost everywhere.

If you Do the Santorini then take a 3:30 pm BLUE STAR ferry from Santorini to NAXOS for 2 or 3 days, then you can fly back to Athens if you wish. MUCH Simpler. There's nothing to see in Hydra but donkeys at the port, and they sell plistachios. Here's what yo can see in Naxos:

I really first suggested Naxos because it's much simpler logistically than Hydra, seeing that u are going to Santorini. But truly, you should consider it. Last year Trip Advisor issued a list: The Ten Best Islands in the World to Visit. In the Mediterranean-Aegean, they only listed one island. Naxos.

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Alan - thank you so much! Exactly what I needed.
Lee - I appreciate your info too - it was hoping whatever I stumbled across for timing to get to the airport was correct and you confirmed it for me.
Janet - what do you have against donkeys? (just kidding) I totally admire your passion for Naxos and I want to say that I was on the fence for the longest time between Hydra and Naxos. And to answer your question of "WHYYYY?" I think two things tipped it for Hydra for me. I like the idea of "traffic free". There was a description in the RS book about the absolute quiet of the evenings and hearing only the sounds chickens clucking. The other thing was just having a guidebook to reference when I went there with recommendations and whatnot. But I do promise, if my travels get bring me back to Greece, Naxos will be the very top of the list to visit!

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Amy, at 5 pm, all traffic is barred from the entire harbor area of Naxos. And in the St. George beach area, there is virtually NO cars. The little lanes are just wide enough for a taxi to get you to a hotel, and there are no thru streets, so ... no cars. But go ahead to Hydra, enjoy the pistachios. Take a good book. Don't take a swimsuit unless u like jumping off rocks. Enjoy!