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Lodgings locations Heraklion/Chania

I’m going to spend about one week in Crete at the end of August, and would like advice about where to stay in Chania. I’m an older person looking to conserve energy, so being in the best overall position is key for me.

Would you say close to water’s edge in the middle of Old Town, or nearer to the bus station? To the West of the West Venetian Old wall— or in between the Old walls?

I don’t want to be isolated and much prefer being around cafes, people watching, But also the water’s edge strolls, and the pretty historic sites, and walkable to the commercial area and public transportation, buses that go to the beach, so there’s my dilemma.
I should like to find a balance in between these areas.
I’m on a very tight budget, 80-95 USD per night, so you probably will not know of a specific hotel, and that’s ok, I can search around If you can suggest a street and intersection which would fit my needs. I can look on the booking websites to see if there’s a hotel or apartment I can afford.
So, where’s the bull eye for you?

Thank you for your input!

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When you say tight budget, that means different things to different people. If you want good tips, and avoid wasting your time & ours with "blind alleys" please tell us the budget range per night you are comfortable with... I too am a senior AND a budgeteer but usually travel May - early June, when rates are lower than August. I have many thoughts but no idea whether any would fit your needs.

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I admit to wondering about what you consider to be a reasonable walking distance. Most Chania hotels on the seafront or in town are less than a 15-minute walk from the bus stops. The old Venetian port is a 12-minute walk from the bus station on a almost flat itinerary.

Is it too much?

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I’ve updated my question to be more detailed, please forgive my being new to this. My question is to find what is the closest to where I would most enjoy to be. Fifteen minutes walk is fine, unless I get there and find out I could have selected something better 5 minutes walk. Any information one wants to provide will be appreciated, Thank-you..

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The only answer I could tell you is to not focus on walking distances.

Visiting countries, especially in Europe, cannot be done without a minimum of walking. That’s part of what makes discovering other countries so interesting.

And any doctor will tell you that walking is a safe activity that strengthens muscles and joints, is effective in preventing hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and all kinds of risks such as heart attacks, lung diseases and even some cancers.

As a bonus, walking is good for your brain too by reducing anxiety !

With an average budget (converted into Euros) of 80€ / night, without saying that it's impossible, in August you will have difficulty finding places near beaches, the sea, and lively city centers.

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You may want to look at Hera studios in Chania old town on Theotokopoulou Street. It is close to all the action but pretty quiet at night for sleeping. Easy access to the bus station but about 15 minute walk. Its in your price range. We have stayed in this area many times.
Some images of Chania.
Chania 2022
Theotokopouluo Street

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You have issued a huge challenge to us -- you are going at the height of High Season, and you want Chania lodgings that are (1) within your €80 per night budget (2) close to the water, cafes, museums etc (3) easily walkable to everything else. Whew! I hope you are not also allergic to climbing a flight of stairs or two (a pension owner will carry up your suitcase).

OPTIONS: check This Old Town Map - - (click to enlarge, navigate with side-slides, ignore numbers/lists). This map is also useful - - when you ZOOM in to enlarge.

AREA #1 - Theotokopoulu Street, Left of harbor is GREAT place to stay.. no-cars flagstone lane, lined w smaller hotels, pensions, also lanes leading off. Your Best bet for prices = small pensions 5-6 rooms. Many won't have websites, you'll have to Google until you Find email contacts. Write direct, giving exact dates, asking availability/price. Don't be surprised if no answer til January' this is their off-season. However, on booking.como using filter of 1-person, last week in August I found some possibilities. available at $80-95 I found Hera Studios (my pick!! best location!!), Pension Lena, Talos, Ifigenia Rooms, Pension Eva, Eleanora, Aalegria Pension. Possibles = Iason Studios, Anemone Apts, Silde Studios. Usta be good, probably pricier now - Pension Nora, Casa di Pietra.
AREA #2 -Check with same filter as #1 -- here's a "tinyURL" of link - This area is More "Inland" no sea view, on streets with shops etc. Closer to bus station for day trips. Can be hillier - also noisier? Surprisingly, rooms more costly around here. Look at Casa Castelli, on a hill street, 600 feet from Harbor-

My thought - if that Hera room is available, Grab it! allows cancellation up til about 4 weeks ahead....

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I agree with Stan and Janet — Theotokopoulou street is where you want to be in Chania. It’s an easy walk to the bus station and even a beach. Lots of great shops & restaurants & the lovely Venetian harbor. Check out the recommended hotels & grab one as soon as you can.

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In May, 2018 we stayed in an AirBnB in Heraklion for 45€/night, 3 nights, in the pedestrian zone on Meramvellou Street. I thought the location was great. It was a 5-minute walk to either the Archeological Museum or Morosini Fountain (The Lion Fountain). The city bus to Knossos was a block away from the Museum. However, 1) it's a 10-minute + walk downhill to the harbour, so uphill on the return. And 2) it was in the middle of the nightlife, which was fine when we were out and about, but we needed earplugs to sleep. We took a taxi from the ferry and a taxi to the airport.

On, most rooms are starting at $135. But I did see one apartment in August for one night for $52.