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Lodging suggestions on Naxos


Planning a 2 week trip for myself and my husband end of June thru early July 2023. Flying into Santorini for 2 nights then plan on moving to Naxos for 3 nights. Any suggestions on where to stay? We would rather not rent a car so somewhere centrally located is important. We do plan on doing a Mykonos/Delos day trip but otherwise just relaxing and eating! Any restaurant recommendations are also welcome.

From the islands we will drive to Delphi, Olympia, and Nafplio before finishing our trip in Athens. Currently planning 1 night for Delphi and Olympia, 3 nights for Nafplio and 4 nights in Athens. Would you keep that or drop a day in Nafplio for an extra night in Athens?

Thanks in advance.

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We were in Naxos for 5 nights last May and stayed in "Betty's Small Apartment", which I think we booked through Airbnb? She's also listed on It was SUPER central and had a wonderful, huge balcony with an amazing view. It was also very reasonably priced. There is a fun outdoor bar/ restaurant across the street that we went to often. In Santorini, we stayed at Maria's Place in Oia. It was about a 10 minute walk to the main part of town, which in this case was nice, as Oia is so crowded. Maria was absolutely lovely and we would stay there again- reasonably priced (for Oia) but no caldera view.

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Sounds like a good trip.
I suggest you look at a hotel at St George beach( Agios Gorgios). St George is part of Naxos town so you get a beach vacation with all the attractions of the town just a 10 minute stroll along the seaside headland into Naxos town.

Lots of hotels at St George. Luxury Boutique hotel Glaros, mid priced hotels would include Kymata top 2 floor have 180 degree sea views, Kalergos studios right on the beach.

Since you plan to take the day excursion to Delos and Mykonos it departs from Naxos harbour in town so St George makes the most sense since you can walk to the dock.

There are lots of good tavernas in Naxos town. Taverna Kastro is high up just below the Kastro walls. Good food well priced. Kala Cardia on the waterfront has always been good basic Greek fare. Nostiman Hellas is up scale and quite popular. Shirroco in fountain square is also Greek fare. It too is very popular.

Frankly I would drop one night from Athens and add it to Nafplio. There are many great sites around Nafplio. On the way back to Athens consider stopping in Corinth. The canal can be a short stop but do consider visiting Acro Corinth. Its a huge fortress with 360 degree views over the countryside.
Athens antiquities can be done quite nicely in three nights.

Here are a few images of your trip.
Corinth Area.
Around Naxos town 2022
Back to Naxos 2022

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listen to stanbr ... he knows whereof.. For his Naxos restaurants, one small tweak -- I've just heard from another expert I trust that Kali Cardia (the Good Heart) a longtime standby, was sold, and is not what it was ... Instead, I suggest, if you're in the mood for delish traditional Greek cookery check out Boulamatsis - Near the ferry pier, upstairs balcony seating looking out at se & sunset, still owned/run by family, warm & welcoming, great prices, fab fish & chips.

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I recommend staying at Hotel Palatia in Naxos Town. It is located at the beginning of Ag. Georgios Beach. We had a lovely room with a private balcony that overlooks the beach. Our room rate last May was about $75.00 per night. We liked the following restaurants on Naxos: Meltemi and To Elleniko for dinner. We had lunch and drinks at Avaton 1739, a rooftop restaurant located in the former Ursuline School for Girls. And one morning we had a delicious breakfast at Soulatski. Lots of locals and some tourists.

I would not drop a night in Nafplio. In fact, I would add a night in Nafplio if possible. There are lots of awesome archaeological sites to visit nearby. We visited Epidaurus and Mycenae. My favorite is the Byzantine ruins at Mistras. It's about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Nafplio, but well worth it. There are others close to Nafplio that we didn't have time for. Nafplio is a beautiful small city filled with flowers and located on the water.

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Thanks everyone! Great recommendations. I will definitely take the advice on location and restaurants.

Stanbr loved the photos! We were planning on seeing Nemea and Corinth on our way back to Athens but I will consider adding that night to Nafplio instead. It does look lovely.

For transportation from Naxos to Athens would you fly or ferry? We have to rent a car and drive to Delphi so I am leaning towards flying.


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We flew from Naxos to Athens airport where we picked up our rental car. Very easy. The flight is short - about 45 minutes.

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Jan thanks for the comment on Calacardia. We did not eat there this year but you are right it didn't look the same. I withdraw my recommendation.
We also ate at Boulamatsis. The view over Naxos waterfront promenade was great.

Another outstanding taverna is Doukato. In our opinion it is comparable to the quality of Nostiman Hellas. Its about 50 meters up the road leaving the ferry port. We watched the sunset then headed there intending to just do a walk up. What a surprise it was crowded with very few tables available. Apparently the word is out on how good this taverna is and to be sure to get a seat make a reservation. We finally did get in and it was probably the best dinner we had.

Ferry hopping is great the first time you do it. Having said that it take a lot of time. Every ferry hop eats up a half day and Naxos to Athens is about 5 hours. Definitely take the morning flight to Athens.
Rent a car from ACR Athens Car Rental. The bring your car to the airport do the paperwork, do a walk around the car looking for dents and scratches, ( its a good idea to record the walk around. I later found a dent the we did notice on the walk around. Fortunately the recording showed it clearly.) As I recall they took a charge on the credit card to cover deductible on the insurance policy. We had no problem and the amount was not charged.

You will be on the road by mid morning. the nice thing about renting from the airport is you are on a large 4 lane highway and do not have to drive in Athens.

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And the airport is an experience in and of itself. There is only enough room to wait for those boarding the next flight. We waited outdoors and watched the flights come in.

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I am planning another trip to the islands in the spring so just came onto the forum to get some ideas and saw the recommendation for Hotel Glaros on Naxos. I stayed there for a week? in 2018 and LOVED it. It has been in Alex's family for quite some tme? His father is an artist and his beautiful work is on site. The breakfasts, the location, the room (with my choice of pillows), the day trips Alex arranged for me, and always being greeted with a smile from either Alex or Stella, I couldn't recommend it more highly.

I prefer small boutique hotels that are preferably family owned. I steer away from larger corporate hotels with swimming pools, generic accomodations, work out rooms etc. I am finding that more difficult in planning my next trip, It seems with so many lodgings, a "luxourious" swimming pool is the first picture (and last for me) that is on their website.

My trip in 2018 was Athens, Hydra, Naxos and Crete - almost a month. Perfection!