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Local guides

Looking for some local day guides for the major sites in Athens, meteora, delphi, olympia. Any suggestions other than Trip Advisor. We don't know much about Greek history, so that's why we want one for maybe a half day or so in Athens. Want to do a hike in Meteora plus the monasteries. The TI might be useful in some of these places. Other ideas? I'm finding Trip Advisor local guides a bit vague.

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Rick Steves’ biggest recommendation for a guide at Olympia is Niki Vlachou. He’s even featured her on his TV shows numerous times. We hired a private tour there with her, and she’s outstanding! Here’s her Website:

When we went to Crete a year later, we contacted her, but as that’s so far from Olympia, she recommended a colleague in Crete, and Maria was also outstanding. Definitely hire Niki for Archaea Olympia. If she’s already booked, or isn’t available for your other sites, contact her anyway, and you’ll probably get the best recommendations from her.

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Sue, thanks for posting this. We are a family, I was just looking at Athens Walking Tours. There are the expected tours, with or without entrance fees. No idea if they are good, perhaps someone in this forum could weigh in?

Would love some other guide options for a family, May 2022 visit to Athens. Again, great to log in the forum and see someone has just posted the question I was thinking of!

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Sue, you are smart to consider guides, since u don't have background. As you probably know, in order to be able to escort you through ancient sites, museums etc, a guide must be licensed (a process of years of study, rigorous tests, and also often internships). One mustn't fall for the "taxi-guide" offers, where the driver provides anecdotes about landmarks & gives out brochures, but is not licensed to conduct you -- essentially a costly cab. You seem to be aware & looking for authentic guides.

Delphi -- best-known licensed guide there, stellar reputation, is Georgia Hasiotis who will meet you at Ancient Site. I think fee is about €60/hour, 2-hr minimum (standard). When divided by # of family mbrs, quitre reasonable. On my last visit to Delphi I found the museum was v. well "signaged" and understandable (particularly because in early evening, it was almost empty, wonderful) -- but the ruins site really benefits from knowledgeable explanation.

Athens -- Acropolis Plus ... Athens Walking Tours has been getting excellent reviews; they have found success by offering so many options rather than "one size fits all" ... I particularly like the 1.5hr EArly-Start option (8:30) for the Acropolis, which helps you beat the crowds -- there is also an Early Start option that includes the Acropolis Museum (3.5 hr total) ... I think for those w. no background, will greatly enhance appreciation of Museum. This would end a bit after 12, and lunch in the glass-enclosed terrace restaurant is really enjoyable AND moderate price.

For Athens -- Ancient Agora ( lying just below Acropolis) -- R Steves can be your FREE guide with his free-downloadable step-by-step Podcast. (click Watch Read LIsten on this page, then click Audio TOurs then GReece/athens). With this, you can D-I-Y roam the Agora on YOur schedule. It will be meaningful not just acres of stone, and the Stoa of Attalo has amazing artifacts.

For Athens - Nat. Arch. Museum -- Again R STeve FREE audio download, v helpful for a short visit, not getting lost -- takes u to the Ten Top Must-See exhibits .

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Thanks everyone. Accepting more suggestions any time.

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We used Aristotle a few years ago in Athens. He was mentioned in a trip report by a family with kids as being good at keeping everyone's attention. We had a mixed group (all adults) in terms of levels of interest and he spanned those quite well. I originally found him on Viator but found him now with goggle and his name and Athens guide.