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Laundry on RS Greece tour

We are doing the RS Greece tour in October. In which of the towns on the tour are there places to do laundry? Are they self-service or drop off? Lastly, is there time to do laundry? Thanks for any input.

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Oops, I just realized that I posted the identical question last September and got some responses. I am mainly interested in laundry facilities in Nafplio and Kardamyli. From the previous post, I was told that the usual RS hotel in Kardamyli will take laundry and from TripAdvisor, someone mentioned Rex laundry in Nafplio. If anyone has other suggestions in these two towns, I'd appreciate your input.

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Your guide will likely have the best answer for you.

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We're on the tour in May. I'll keep my eye out. If you don't hear back from me by the end of June, send me a PM; I'm not sure if I'll remember between now and June.

We are going on that tour at the end of September into October. When traveling we've always just done ours in the sink in our room, which is what we plan to do this time as well.

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We took the tour in 2011 and the RS hotel in Napflio had laundry service. I think two other hotels had service as well, but I can't remember which ones. It was great, though. You'd bring your bag of laundry to the front desk in the morning, and it would be done when you got back in the evening. It might have cost a bit extra, but well worth it. No need to hunt for a laundromat or do too much sink laundry.

If you take advantage of each offer to do laundry, you'll only have to do a few small items in your sink. :)

The RS tour is wonderful! If you get David as your tour guide, say HI for me!