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Late Arrival in Piraeus by Ferry: Taxi, Metro, Pre-arranged Ride?

Husband and I are taking the Blue Star Delos back and forth between Piraeus and Santorini, arriving back in Piraeus at close to midnight on a Wednesday. That wasn't our original plan. I had hoped we could take Hellenic Seaways back. According to their tentative schedule, it would've arrived much earlier in the day, like 5 pm. Now, however, their updated schedule shows they won't be sailing out of Santorini at all that day. So we're taking the Blue Star Delos back, which gets back close to midnight.

I checked the Metro schedule, and service supposedly stops at 12:30 am on weekdays. The Delos' "scheduled" arrival time is on the cusp. If the ferry runs on time, I imagine it shouldn't be a problem hopping on the Metro (we'll have a carry-on and small bag each) . If it runs late, are we better off taking a nearby taxi or possibly arranging a ride with our hotel? Our hotel said a pre-arranged ride through them will cost 30 - 35 Euros, depending on the time. Is that a fair deal?

I figure there'll be quite a lot of people debarking with us, so they have to be able to get to wherever they need to go. My concerns are well, how darn late it is, how tired we may be, whether we'll catch the Metro, and/or how easy/hard it is to get a taxi.

As far as flights go, we're totally fine saving a little and taking it slow.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you! :-)

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Take the deal with your hotel. It's not expensive and it will save you stress and hassle. If you take the Metro you'll still have to make your way from Central Athens to your hotel.

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The only way the price quoted by your hotel is 'unfair', is if it is less than a mile away.

Take the deal from the hotel.

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There are also pickpockets on the Metro and in the stations. Why take the risk when you are tired. Take the hotel offer or book a private transfer. I can recommend Athens city cab. Very reliable and will be the same price.

Aegean has some pretty good seat sales on now. Have you looked at flying back to Athens. Its doubtful that you can beat the blue star price but I have found often flying is about the same price as the high speed ferries. Flying also gets you back into Athens for a bit of additional time to enjoy the evening there.

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Thanks, everyone! Went ahead and made arrangements with our hotel. Yup, definitely less stressful already having that planned out. And no pickpockets to worry about, either - totally forgot about that.