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Kardamyli -Monemvasia-Nafplio

Hi everybody ,
We are arriving at Kardamyli on Sunday Sept 20 . We have to be on a flight to Thira at 4:35 pm Saturday Sept 26.
We want to visit both Monemvasia & Nafplio on the way.
We are driving.
We are planning on one night in Monemvasia , which leaves us 5 nights divided between Kardamyli & Nafplio.
We will be visiting Mycenae & Epidavros.
My only question is how do we divide up the time . 2 nights in Kardamyli , 3 in Nafplio ? Or maybe the other way around.
What might be the best way to split 5 nights between Kardamyli & Nafplio ?
Any input would be appreciated .
Thanks for reading.

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I'd vote for 2 in Kardamilyi and 3 in Nafplio.

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Agree that 2 nights in Kardamyli an 3 in Nafplio is good.

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Also agree that 3 nights in Nafplio will give you more options to keep yourself occupied. Lot's of sites for daytrips near Nafplio.

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Agee with the other posters that 2 nights in Kardamyli and three nights in Nafplio works best. I would stay "on the rock" for the night in Monemvasia--not in the town on the mainland. Be sure to read up on driving in Greece before you go--it can be daunting. I was full of trepidation, but actually enjoyed the chaos in the end. Also, you must have a International Driver's Permit--get on at AAA.

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I was there last July and I agree with the other posters.
2 for Kardamylia
3 for Nafplio and your day trips

Hotel Vardia in Kardamylia is lovely.

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That's what I would do also. If you can stay on the rock in Monemvasia. It is something special.