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Kalamata to Meteora

I am traveling to Greece with my brothers family in June. We will be meeting my grandfathers family on the Peloponnese peninsula and then traveling further around Greece. My brother and family are going to the islands but I am hoping to go to Meteora before joining them. My questions is what is the best way to travel to Meteora and then back to Athens before joining them on them on Santorini. I am thinking of renting a car in Kalamata, making a leisurely drive to the Agios Vasileios area, staying the night, then a second leisurely drive to Kalambaka. After a couple days of touring I was thinking of a train to Athens to make my flight to Santorini. Is driving a good idea or is public transportation better/safer? Would a different route be better? Any suggestions for solo travel (I am a 60 year old average fitness male)? I will be staying at Airbnb's the trip (1 month) but am open to suggestions as to sites and food. I thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.


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We are also press by time. We are seeing Meteora and then going to Naxos. I finally decided that after seeing Meteora, we are going to fly from Ioannina to Naxos airport (layover in Athens). There is also a train from Meterora to Athens but the train schedule did not work for us.

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Depends on how you define 'leisurely' driving . . . Driving in Greece can be intense and fun or it can make people feel nervous and panicky. If you do drive, make sure you keep in mind the average driving times in the maps and sources you consult. 15 miles of steep switchbacks on a 2 lane higway will take a long time even if it doesn't look like much on paper.

One way car rentals can be pricey, but they are often worth the time/convenience. If you rent in Kalamata, then go to Meteora, I would recommend driving and dropping off the car in Athens (where you will have many return offices and probably a much better rate) instead of leaving the car in Meteora and trying to book public transportation to Athens. It is not that far a drive. You could even return your rental at the airport and hop on your Santorini flight . . . Hope you have a safe and fun trip.