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June 15

So tourism is opening on June 15th I saw, what do we all think of that?

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Nothing -- because very little will have changed since June 1 or any other date in the past. There is no vaccine or effective treatment today, infection rates in many areas are still climbing, so I don't June 15th as being much different from Jun 10th or the June 30. We can hope but hope is not a cure.

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AP is reporting that the tourists allowed in starting 15 June will be from the surrounding Baltic and Balkan countries and Germany only. International flights allowed into Athens will be from only those countries. Nothing is mentioned as to when that list will be expanded.

Yes, overall a small step in the right direction.

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I am glad and sooo worried at the same time. Our dates are 20th till 27th July in a small village next to Thesaloniki.I hope it won't be jam packed....And of course we will be more cautious than ever.

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That list was announced yesterday:

Residents from the following twenty countries that are judged by Greece to have shown positive epidemiological data will be allowed to enter the country as of June 15:
Cyprus, Israel, Germany, China, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway.