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Itinerary review and/or suggestions-May 2024

I would love some feedback on a rough itinerary that is very much open for suggestions. My husband, 21 y/o daughter and myself will be flying into Athens May 13th am and flying out of Athens May 21st. We want to see the Acropolis and what is around it but not much more. I burned my daughter out on ancient history in homeschool! The trip is to celebrate her college graduation. She really wants to see Santorini. This will probably be her one time to Greece, but who knows!
Day 1-Arrive Athens-drop luggage at hotel/airbnb and get lunch and do acropolis around sunset.
Day 2-Head to Santorini either by ferry or plane
Day 3-Santorini-Do catamaran boat trip
Day 4-Santorini-go to another area outside of Oia/Fira, etc area to explore
Day 5-ferry to another nearby island with beaches such as maybe Naxos
Day 6-explore other island/beaches
Day 7-head back to Athens to stay the night before flight on Day 8.
Day 8-Fly home
I know 8 days isn't much but that's all we have. We did Spain last year with our son for 14 days and it was perfect.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions on itinerary, where to stay, other island to visit, etc.

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Why not fly to Santorini or the other island you would like to visit on your first day in Greece and save Athens for the end of your trip.

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flying into Athens May 13th am and flying out of Athens May 21st.

Do you arrive in Athens on the 13th or 14th? ( i.e., leave home on the 13th and arrive the 14th after an overnight flight?)

As you have it written if 'Day 1' is the 13th, then 'Day-8' is the 20th

Agree that having all your Athens days at the end simplifies the logistics and reduces by at least one the number of hotel changes.

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I agree with the previous posts.

With only 6 full days why spend a night in Athens when you arrive?
The next day you will have to return to the airport if you take a flight to Santorini or go to the port of Piraeus if you take a ferry. (Piraeus→Santorini is 5 hours by fast ferry and 8 hours by traditional ferry).

Visit Athens at the end of the stay.

By staying only two nights on another island (Naxos or other) that only leaves you one full day. . Don't expect to explore other islands or beaches. You are not going to “explore” or even “visit”. You will only stay there for a few hours

To partially visit an island like Naxos you would need at least 5 full days.

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All great ideas! I like the idea of flying straight to Santorini and doing Athens at the end. We arrive in Athens on the 14th-day 1.
Another idea would be to spend part of the time on the caldera side and part of the time near Kamari by the "beaches"?
Thank you!