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Itinerary input

I will thank everyone at the start for any advice.

Traveling in early October.

4 nts athens
3 nts santorini
4 nts naxos
2 nts kastraki
3 nts nafplion

We will fly between ATH/JTR and Naxos/ATH
Ferry from JTR/Naxos

We are staying in Athens first rather than fly onto Santorini because of scheduling we will have to get into ATH late.

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Have you considered staying in Athens for three nights and spending one night in Hydra? You could make it a day trip from Athens, but I bet it's magical after the day-trippers leave.

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How are you going to Kastraki and from there to Nafplion? Renting a car? Have you calculated driving times?

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My trip plan started much like yours, except with Hydra in the mix On a ten day first Greece trip. I landed on Fira (3), Naxos (4), Athens (3), cutting Nafplion and Hydra from the mix. both will be on the next itinerary.

I am struggling now to plan three nights in Santorini. It might need four. Between lounging, catching sunsets, eating/drinking, land excursions (Akritiri, villages, wineries), a sea excursion (geology formations and points of interest) Oia (which is falling to the bottom of my list) , and Amundi Bay seafood, I’m out of time with three nights in Fira I’m flying to Santorini and I arrive at 1330 so I really only have 2.5 days. If you’re ferrying from Athens, it will be half of your first day.

I don’t know anything about Kastraki, but it seems the piece to cut out. I did just watch The RS Peloponnese video yesterday with Nafplion, Olympia, Mycaenae, and other places I cannot spell and it looks like a week or ten day trip on its own. If not cutting, Kastraki, extend your time there and save Nafplion for another trip. Then you could add to Santorini and probably also pickup Hydra. Some would argue for more time on Naxos. Greece is a lot bigger than I ever knew!

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@chani Yes, we will rent a car and are fine with the driving time.

@MaryPat, we are not really wanting to add more stays, and really don't like single nights. Hydra may be great, but not sure I would swap any place out to add it.

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Looks just right to me. So 3 full days in Athens? And you're driving from Nafplion to the ATH airport on departure day then? We stayed in the Koukaki neighborhood of Athens and liked it because it is a residential area just removed from the main tourist area. We could walk ten minutes and be in the throng, but then had our own little neighborhood feel at the end of the day if wanted.