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Itinerary for Syros/Serifos

My friend are thinking to do about week in Greek islands after July 11th ( can’t move the date ).

Neither of us have really been to Greek islands (ok I did 36 hrs on Idra and loved it - but that’s it!)
So we would like to do something off beaten path and with nice beach exploration and walks and maybe hiking.
We are in pretty ok shape (although some of us little lazy :)

So I gave this information to A couple of agencies and here is what one of them suggests (below). How do people feel about this itinerary? And $$$ and their choice of hotels? (The 1st hotel I am not clear on at all?!)

The agency is Dottravel - if anyone knows them and has experience - would be much obliged for feedback too!
(I just found them on Greek travel agencies reviews site, they seemed to have actual humans reviews).
My friend and I would rather stay in Airbnbs but I am guessing agencies don’t do Airbnb…

Thank you to everyone in advance! -Anna


My colleagues and I checked the options. We could offer you the below:
1 overnight in Athens
3 overnights in Syros island @ Brazzera hotel
3 overnights in Serifos island @ Dorkas studios
All transfers at the islands and Athens.
Ferry tickets within all ports
Board basis at hotels is on bed and breakfast
Total price: EUR 680,- per person

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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I’ve no experience of using a travel agency, so it might be that this is a reasonable price for the convenience. It looks to me though as if you could do it more cheaply booking direct, but then you would need to sort out your own ferry times and transfers.

One basic question: are you planning for single rooms or to share? If you’re sharing the hotel rates are really high.

On a couple of specifics
a) there is a hotel Arion in Athens but the link is obviously a mistake. This is a more likely link
I don’t know the hotel but it’s in a fairly central area.
b) again I don’t know the Dorkas but it’s in a nice position - an easy walk to town and a nice beach.

Do you really want to do two islands? If not you might want to consider Andros: it’s off the beaten track, has good beaches and walking and is an easy trip from the airport. You can easily arrange it yourself. This is their tourist site

PS I’m not trying to put you off Syros or Serifos. We like both of them.

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With the information you have given, I redid the calculations (July rates) I find a price of around €1100 for 2 people which includes the ferry tickets and the price of the rooms including breakfast (choosing the cheapest rooms) I have not included transfers between accommodation and ports which can add between €50 and €100 depending on the case.

So €680 per person seems pretty good to me.
The agency has to make a profit to live.

The Arion Hotel is located a little north of the most touristy areas but it has the advantage of being near the Athens Municipal Market which is a must-see.
In addition, less than 50 meters from the hotel, there is the restaurant "To Karamanlidika" where you absolutely have to dine if you like charcuterie

I don't know the Brazzera hotel in Syros

About Dorkas in Serifos : reviews of Dorkas are very good.
I was in Serifos last fall and often went to the area in Livadi where Dorkas is.
I found this place very good,
The "town" of Livadi with all the bars, restaurants along the beach is 200 meters away.

Dorkas is next to Livadakia beach which is not huge but nice, with a family atmosphere in September (probably more lively in July).
You see all the ferries arriving and departing from Serifos pass through the bay and if you are looking for a quieter beach you can take the path that goes south for about 300 meters and arrives at Karavi beach.

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Thank you for all the great information. We are still thinking through options. Looks like using travel agency in Athens is not as useful - they don’t use Airbnb’s and their choice of hotel seems unnecessary $$$. Booking ferries feels a bit intimidating to me - we messed up once in the past and it was impossible to fix when we found out (two days to departure).

Does anyone have impressions about
Spetsai, Skopelos and Pelion (peninsula) as potential vacations spots - again in terms of beaches, and being not too tourist-y?

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If you are used to planning and booking yourself with Airbnb or Booking or directly with accommodation, you really have no reason to go through a tour operator.
For July the choice will become very limited if you do not start looking for accommodation now

I don't know what kind of problem you had in the past with the ferry. In the Greek islands, apart from cancellation problems due to bad weather (or sometimes strikes), booking and use is very simple. In fact, they are like buses for Greeks who live or work on the islands.

If you want to see ferry lines, timetables and fares, go to:


The island of Skopelos is in the Sporades, to my knowledge there is no ferry connection to go there from the ports of Athens.

The island of Spetses can be reached by ferry from Piraeus. But it's a very small island where you may be bored after two days, moreover if you want to go to another island of the Cyclades like Serifos, Sifnos, etc. you will have to return to Piraeus to take a ferry.

The Pelion Peninsula is a different kind of adventure. You will need to rent a car.
I do not know this peninsula but I would like to go there one of these days.