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Itinerary feedback: Nafplio, Spetses, Naxos

My husband and I are traveling to Greece from Seattle for a christening on Spetses island in late June. We’d like to prioritize beach relaxation and experiencing laid back Greek culture. We’ve also been to Athens once before and haven’t seen Greece outside of Athens yet.
I’d love feedback the following itinerary:

Days 1-3: 9am morning arrival in Athens- travel to Nafplio. Considering renting a car or hiring driver. Stay in Nafplio 2-3 nights.

Days 3-5: Spetses
Days 5-10 : Depart Spetses then air travel from Athens to stay in Naxos OR Paros
Day 11: Stay near Athens airport and fly home next day

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This looks like a good plan. We went over to Spetses for the day from Napflio, not far. I remember how green the island was in contrast to most of Greece . Enjoy your trip and the Christening. I know they are big celebration in Greece.

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Rent a car ... that road is the most modern in greece - divided highway all the way to Corinth Canal ... fun to stop about 15 20 Km after the Canal to see ANCIENT NEMEA -- a "runner-up Olympia" ... authentically excavated, wonderful Stadium ... and you are in luck! There is a RE vived Nemean Games every 4 years, attracting entries not only from all over Greece, but from around the world. Thousands of people dress in white Kaitons (sp), short gowns, and race & compete in stadium ANd this year it's JUne 25!! Even if your Day 1-3 doesn't coincide, there will be interesting lead-up or aftermath. Also, do you like wine? (SIlly question, u are "Big Athens KId) ... Nemea is heart of Pelops wine country... there's a vineyard just 300 yards from the ancient site... also in the village of Nemea, right on its Main Street, is a winery bottling/tasting bulding. We stopped in and there was a mini-automatic bottling line, pasting labels on Nemean Red. Lots of huge barrels to taste & buy (or not). Luckily our driver was teetotaller, so we sipped away!.

Try to stay in Old Town... my fave hotel on the seafront, AGammemnon, is probably booked solid.. best location in town. Other nice ones are on narrow streets, so beware of possible late-night noise, from the many cafes below. One in a quiet & lovely location across from Folklore Museum is Omorfo Poli... Also... U might look "up above" on high street, Zigomata... Pension Eleni, Pension Nikolas see if they have rooms/ balcomies looking down on the town & seaa. -- avoid Hotel Leto Nuovo ..

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How are you getting to Spetses from Nafplio?

There is no direct ferries anywhere from Nafplio so you'll have to go to a port on the Argolis Peninsula like Hermioni.

There is Pegasus Travel in Tolo that does day trips to Hydra/Spetses. You could see if you can get a one-way ticket to Spetses from them.

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Full disclosure, my travel partner drove from ATH to Nafplio upon arrival, but we were only flying from the east coast. Two hours is our max drive after an overnight flight. Just something to consider.
I don't know all of the logistics of getting among these destinations, but I think you might be underestimating travel time eating into your enjoying time.
One way to rework it would be to fly to an island the day you arrive, then when you fly back, you can hop in the car and go. But then i see you need to be on Spetses on a certain day so that might complicate things. I would absolutely trade island time for more time in the Peloponnese--there is ample gorgeous coastline there to give you what you would get on an island. That could maximize your time.