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Itenary plan for Greece

Hi! Me and my family are going to greece and have decided to spend time in athens, napflio, olympia and delphi. We have decided to start and end in athens. Since we are driving, should we go to olympia via napflio and then delphi and back to athens will there be enough to do in a day or do we go to olympia via delphi and then napflio and back to athens? We have planned to spend only one day in each if them and we will be staying for the night at olympia

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Either route makes sense, what difference does it make whether you travel clockwise or counter-clockwise? But if you spend just one day in each of these four places, does that mean two nights in each place? If not, you'll spend a lot more time driving than seeing the sights at each destination. And Athens, at least, deserves more time anyway. Most people would say Nafplio does too, and I'd add Delphi to that. Maybe a full day is enough for Olympia, I haven't been there (only to the Olympia where I live).

How much total time do you have for this trip to Greece, from when you arrive in the country until you leave?

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I suggest you go counterclockwise (Delphi, Olympia, Napflio). I'd also suggest you consider Meteora. It's north of Delphi and adds a few driving hours but in my opinion worth it.

Most sites close by 3:00pm so plan to travel to your destination in the late afternoon/evening and visit the site the next morning. If it were me, I would do the following:

Assuming most flights arrive in the afternoon, I would taxi straight to Athens and stay one or two days.
Rent car. Leave Athens early in the morning and drive to Delphi.
Visit Delphi and drive on to Meteroa. (stop at Thermopolye on the way)
Visit Meteora one full day.
Leave for Olympia (5 hour drive from Meteora). Stop at Amfilochia for lunch. Arrive Olympia in the afternoon
Visit Olympia. Drive to Nafplio late afternoon.
Visit for 2 days.
Leave early in the morning and visit Mycenae, Epidavros and getting a photo at the Corinth Canal on the way back to Athens.

You can also throw Kardamyli and Monemvasia in there if you have more time.

Good luck and enjoy!